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Your Top 10 Fitness Excuses Busted

You got excuses? Your PFC team can bust them all! You’ve got a lot going on and a lot of people depending on you, we all do. But at Pinnacle we liken fitness and self-care to the air masks in a plane. You have to take care of yourself before you can take care of others. So toss us your best excuse and see what comes back at ya!

“Who has the time?!”

You can sneak a workout in at all times of the day if you’re looking for the opportunity and you’ve set yourself up for success. We all lead busy lives, but we know that schedules change. Be ready for the canceled meeting or stolen time with an always packed gym bag and sensible snacks.


“I should tackle my mountain of work instead.”

Yeah, you should get your work done, but did you know that taking a break to exercise can actually help you plow through that mountain faster? Have you ever read an email three times because nothing soaked in? You need to move! Working out can boost your energy levels, creativity, and focus. Use your lunch break to take advantage of one of Pinnacle’s 45 minute 11:45am classes. There’s a variety throughout the week, and when you leave the office for the day, your workout is already taken care of!


“I’ll go, just not today.”

The problem with “not today” is that it can turn into, “not this week” and then, “not this month”. Discipline is at the heart of a healthier, happier lifestyle. It’s a slippery slope when we pass up an opportunity to do something good for ourselves. Plus, do you know how many times we as instructors have heard, “I reeeaaaalllly didn’t want to come today, but I’m so glad I did”? All the time!


“I need to make time for my friends.”

You also need to make room for your friends…in the gym for Free Friend Fridays at Pinnacle! Need more time with your bud? Invite them to drop in for a class or workout session any day for a very reasonable rate, or invite them on Friday, totally free. Friends who sweat together, can drink together later.


“I don’t know what I’m doing.”

The truth is that we all started somewhere. Some of us had guidance, and some of us just had to figure it out as we went along. Any friend or member of the Pinnacle Fitness Club however will never have to go it alone. First off, when you sign up, you get a tour of the club and a complimentary training session. Secondly, our wide variety of classes are guided and crafted for all fitness levels. Lastly, we offer great resources on how to use our equipment and various exercise techniques. Click here and subscribe for more on those resources.


“I don’t have the energy.”

You will after you workout! That one was easy.


“I’m too hungover.”

First things first, hydration is the key. Don’t go crazy with your workout, but you should certainly get up and get that blood pumping. The feel good chemicals that release in your body during and long after a workout can actually help alleviate the common symptoms of a hangover like headache, fatigue, and grogginess.


“Way too sore from yesterday.”

If leg day killed ya, don’t go hard on that muscle group again. After working a group of muscles out particularly hard (hard enough to be considerably sore in the following days), give that muscle group 1-2 days to recover. That being said, there are plenty of other muscle groups!


“I should spend time with the family.”

You sure should! Time with the fam is at the top of the list. Family time doesn’t always have  to be spent around the TV or at a restaurant. There are plenty of active things for families to do at home or all around town. Check out our latest blog for some ideas.


“I don’t want to be seen working out in the shape I’m in.”

Probably the lamest excuse of them all…however, we get it. Body image and intimidation can be a real struggle. But where is the starting point? The time will never be better than now!