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Your Complete Activities of Daily Living Checklist

Known as ADLs, Activities of Daily Living are the movements we’d like to see everyone hit during lifting sessions. These activities are linked to improving the longevity of muscles and joints. The older we get, the more important it becomes to work on these specific movements to combat the aging process, head to toe.


Below you’ll see each one of the five ADLs and examples of this type of exercise. These are just examples and types of the movements we’re going for, you can get really creative with the ADLs.


Bend and Lift Movements

Squats are probably the most popular type of bend and life movement. However, if you struggle with back pain or injuries, you might shy away from bend and lift movements. We strongly suggest the FreeMotion squat machine at Pinnacle. This machine takes the pressure and weight off of the back and concentrates it on the legs.

See this complete video here.


Single Leg Movements

With or without weights, lunges are a great way to get your single leg movements in. Isolating a side of the body helps to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each side. You will often find that you have a dominant side. These imbalances can cause spine and balance issues as you get older.

*Bonus points for getting in single leg movements that promote lateral movement!

See this complete video here.

Push Movements

Think push ups, bench press, etc. Just as the name suggests, our Activities of Daily Living are meant to strengthen us in a way that helps us with our everyday movements. This would be like pushing open a door or pushing your chair away from your desk.

See this complete video here.

Pull Movements

Rows with with weights are also a great pull movement. The row machine, as seen here, does help to correct form and take some of the pressure off of the back.

See this complete video here.


Torso Rotation

Back pain is the number one cause of disability in America. Doing your torso rotation movements helps you keep your back strong and healthy. Think about reaching for your seatbelt, or rotating in your office chair to talk with someone.

See this complete video here.

Watch as Erin creates a short and effective circuit with the ADLs, and get more ideas to create your own.


For even MORE ADL ideas, hit up the TRX with these tips from Erin…


Thanks for coming over to the blog to learn about ADLs. We hope you’ll incorporate these into your fitness routine and please reach out to any instructor if you have any questions. See you around The Club!