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You Should Go and Love Yourself

Between February being Heart Health Awareness Month and the month we celebrate Valentine’s Day, we thought it would be fitting to remind our Pinnacle Fitness family to show some love to yourselves! Positive self-image and self-acceptance can be powerful assets in a happy, balanced life. High self esteem can free us from self-sabotage, crippling doubt, and general negativity that can lead to physical and mental health issues.

Whether you need help convincing yourself of your own awesomeness, or could just use a little confidence boost, we have compiled several tips and daily tools to help boost your self-image.

Practice Self-Awareness

First, let’s reveal what self-awareness is with this definition from

“Self-awareness is the condition of being constantly aware of your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and actions. It’s about truly understanding who you are, how you act alone or around others, and how you make decisions. It’s about developing who you really are versus who you are expected to be.”

When we’re more in tune with our thoughts and feelings we can tackle situations with clarity and emotional intelligence. We switch from a reactive mindset, to one of problem solving. So how does that help my self-image? Well, have you ever handled a situation poorly, lost your temper, wished you had more courage? You walk away from the situation or choice feeling guilty, ashamed, or conquered. Self-awareness helps us gain a logical and calm perspective that enables us to make wiser, more thoughtful choices and actions, leading to more positive outcomes.  

Did you know that yoga offers great reflective tools like mindful meditation that can help you become more self aware? Try a class today!

Make Daily Affirmations

We all have things we like about ourselves and things we don’t so much like. The things we don’t so much like, we have no problem telling people about, reflecting on, and even obsessing about. Let’s switch that up.

An affirmation is simply something that you affirm. It can be the fact that you hate your stomach fat, or it can be the fact that you’re kinda killing it at the office lately. Which one of those affirmations do you think will bring joy and confidence to your life? There are enough negative thoughts flying around; remind yourself everyday that there are things you’re good at, traits that make you unique, and people who love those things about you.

Start now and click the link to tweet this affirmation! My body is healthy; my mind is brilliant; my soul is tranquil. @PinnacleOmaha

Invest in Yourself

Put the credit card down. What we mean by investing in yourself is a lot broader than a pick-me-up shopping spree. We mean taking time to read like you used to because it brings you joy, getting a gym membership to enjoy the benefits of a beautiful, healthy body, saying “no” when you feel overwhelmed and stretched too thin. Switch the inner the dialogue from thinking these things are selfish, to realizing they are necessary for your well-being.

Surround Yourself with Positivity

You’ve already resolved to be more positive, but what about the people around you? When you sit down with a friend, consider how much of the conversation is focused around positivity and how much is dedicated to complaining, dragging people down, or self-deprecation.

Switch up the dialogue. Be the leader of healthy, positive discussion. It’s okay to say, “I don’t get too many nights out, I’d like for this to be a positive one!” Your Eeyore friend will thank you for it.

Get Moving

There have been many psychological studies that correlate sports and/or physical activity with increased confidence and self-esteem. This one is a no brainer -physical activity literally leads to the release of feel good chemicals like dopamine and endorphins in your body. Those tiny little endorphins strap on their boxing gloves and attack stress, leaving you more relaxed and happier. We feel better about ourselves when we choose physical activity over laziness. Every time you do something that leads to a healthier life, you can consider that an accomplishment.

Thanks for tuning in to another Pinnacle Fitness Club blog. Be sure to head back often for fresh tips, tricks and hacks for a happier, healthier life. See you at the Club!