As of 5pm on Monday, March 16th, a decision was made to close the club for an undetermined amount of time in response to health & government safety and public health recommendations. For more information, please view our frequently asked questions.

Yoga is for Everyone! 

At Pinnacle Fitness Club, we pride ourselves on offering yoga for everyone! Every level, every age, and every interest. Yoga can be such a diverse workout experience, it’s as if the possibilities are endless. That being said, we had to draw the line with four distinct yoga-based classes. Please dive into yoga at Pinnacle Fitness Club by learning more about our yoga group exercise classes.  



This class is dynamic practice flowing from one pose to the next. We practice motions to increase your strength, balance and flexibility, while focusing on alignment and breathing. This class teaches the basics of yoga and offers modifications for all levels. This is a great place to start and grow. 


Level: No experience is required.


Gentle Yoga

Rejuvenate and relax. This class teaches the basics of yoga postures, breath and balance. Gentle Yoga is exactly what it sounds like, this class takes a slower, gentler pace. You have time to sink into positions and work on your form. If you’re looking for a relaxing, low impact workout to keep you lean and flexible, this class is for you! 


Level: No previous yoga experience required but modifications will be given for those with experience.


Yoga Flow

Ready to build strength, endurance, flexibility, awareness and focus? Yoga Flow will help you do all of this by linking yoga poses into a sequence of movements that “flow” with the breath in a more vigorous series. Your instructor will help you take your experience with yoga to the next level.


Level: All levels welcome, although this class is best taken after some experience in Yoga and/or Gentle Yoga. 



Fuses the disciplines of yoga, pilates and core-conditioning to produce long, lean muscles and a strong, flexible body. This class allows the participant to work from the inside out, creating a unique, results-oriented class experience. You will certainly break a sweat in this class!


Level: This class is open to all levels, but you will get the most out of your experience with some time spent in the above mentioned classes.