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Workouts for You and Your Dog


Bet ya didn’t know that April is National Canine Fitness Month. That’s right! A whole month dedicated to making sure your best bud gets the activity they need and deserve. So, since a whole lot of us Pinnacle Fitness Club members are pretty much crazy about our dogs, we thought it would be fun to pull together some ideas for workouts for you and your dog.

After all, we owe them a lot. Besides the never ending lubs, our dogs actually make us more active and therefore happier and healthier. According to a Michigan State University study, dog owners are 34% more likely to get the recommended 150 minutes of exercise per week than those who don’t have a dog.

Dog Park Workouts

Our Omaha dog parks are a great place for our dogs to socialize and get their workout on, but not necessarily for us humans. Break out the body weight movements! Don’t waste that hour at the park sitting around, instead do sets of lunges, squats, step ups and tricep dips on a bench. Not very creative when it’s crunch time? Let an app build a body weight movement workout for you. We recommend Sworkit. We would also suggest hitting up our Camp PFC class to add some moves to your arsenal.

Meet Up Hikes

Have you heard of Meet Up? It’s a site where local folks can connect around common interests and Omaha has a group for off-the-leash dog hikes. It’s a great opportunity to meet new people and get you and your dog out and moving!

Paddle Boarding or Kayaking

Paddle boarding is a great balance workout. How about taking it up a notch and adding your pooch to the balancing act? Not sure your dog is the paddle boarding type? You’ll probably be surprised. Dogs take to paddle boarding very naturally. Maybe you gave it try and ended up in the lake a few too many times? Kayaking might be a great option. We don’t have a ton of options here in Omaha, but Glenn Cunningham Lake has an outfitter that offers dog-friendly boards and kayaks.

Go for a Run or Walk

You know who never cancels on you last minute or talks you into a mimosa brunch instead of that run you planned? Your dog! Don’t forget baggies and remember that dogs overheat faster than we do. Carrying water isn’t comfortable, so you can plan your route past a creek, water fountain, or business that puts out water bowls.

We hope you get out there and get active with your best fur friend but when they need a break and you need to take it up a notch, we’d love to see you at Pinnacle. Don’t forget to have a great time making sure your dog is happy and healthy in April and every other month.