As of 5pm on Monday, March 16th, a decision was made to close the club for an undetermined amount of time in response to health & government safety and public health recommendations. For more information, please view our frequently asked questions.

Winter Workout Ideas

Winter in Omaha can be brutal, but then again so can 4 months without fresh air or sun. Spending time outdoors is linked to improving memory, fighting depression and even lowering blood pressure. Get a healthy dose of Vitamin D, and soak up the benefits of nature with these winter workout ideas.



Snowshoes are designed to make it easier to walk in the snow by distributing your weight over a large area. Snowshoes make it so the person’s foot doesn’t sink into the snow, but rather stays on top of it. There are a few great areas around Omaha to explore with your new fitness hobby. Neale Woods offers about 600 acres of land to spot deer and other wild animals. There is also Hitchcock Nature Center at which you can rent your shoes at the Loess Hills Lodge Welcome Desk.


You can get some decently rated snow shoes on Amazon for around $70, or rent them from a sporting goods store or UNO’s Venture Center on campus.


Ice Skating

This year UNMC has opened a beautiful outdoor ice skating rink. The Ice at the UNMC rink is located between 42nd and 40th streets and Dewey and Emile Streets. Admission is $7 for the general public and free for students with ID.


The Capitol District is also offering a public ice skating rink for the second year. The price to skate is slightly higher at $10 per person, but that includes a donation to the Foodbank for the Heartland.


Shoveling for a Cause

While shoveling snow is no one’s favorite thing to do, it really is a great opportunity for a good workout as well as a way to give back to your community. For every 30 minutes you spend shoveling someone’s walk, you burn about 225 calories. There are plenty of elderly or disabled Omaha residents that need help clearing the snow. You can reach out to folks in your neighborhood through the Nextdoor app to find out where your help is most needed. Working out and volunteering…two birds with one shovel!


Not a Snow Bunny?

So the snow just ain’t for you? We’ve got you covered at Pinnacle Fitness Center in Downtown Omaha. Leave the frost to Jack and hop in the hot tub or sauna to be the warmest person in Omaha. The only ice you’ll see around here is in your water bottle. See you around The Club!