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Why December is the Right Time to Hit the Gym

We know, we know! You have relatives in town, there’s no time, and it’s cold! It can be really tough to make space for fitness over the holidays. We’re here to tell you exactly why it’s so important to fight the urge to plop down with your Hallmark movies and get that booty to Pinnacle Fitness Club for a good, hard workout. 


It’s friggin’ cold outside.

When it’s chilly, we can usually warm up with a good jog, but sometimes it’s just too darn cold. Freezing weather also presents hazards. Ice, slush, and wet surfaces can be really dangerous, and sub zero temps can be hard on your lungs and skin. That’s when it’s time to warm up at Pinnacle Fitness Club…


When you’re chilled to the bone, there’s nothing like an extra hot soak in our roomy hot tub. Warm up before your workout, loosen up after, or just stop in for a soak. Use that membership to its fullest! 


Or go for a nice long steam to warm up. Time spent in a steam room has so many health benefits, such as improved circulation, loosened joints, faster workout recovery, it opens sinuses, reduces stress, and even burns calories. Certainly beats hitting the icy pavement, right? 

Beat cold and flu season. 

It’s that time of year, everyone and their uncle are sick or getting sick. Don’t fall victim to cold and flu season. Our bodies work like a machine. Either that machine is being maintained with solid nutrition and a fitness routine, or it’s…not. Our immune systems work best when our bodies are in good physical condition. Exercise and nutrition are vital in staying healthy. 


Maintain, don’t gain, over the holidays.

Have you noticed that you can’t enter any room right now without some sort of sweet or salty comfort food being offered? That’s the holidays for ya. Food and drink are in abundance right now and it’s not fun to exclude yourself from the calorie laden festivities. Have your fun, but with the goal of maintaining your weight and fitness routine. The average American gains about 2-5 lbs over the holidays. Stay the course and maintain, don’t gain! 


The holidays are a very stressful time. Money, time, space, and patience can get stretched to the limit. Take time for yourself, escape the house and the in-laws to invest in your health and mental well-being. After a good session at the gym, you’ll have more energy and positivity to spread Christmas cheer, or at least put up with your extended family. 


Get on track for a happy, healthy 2020!

Sail right into 2020 with a solid fitness routine at Pinnacle Fitness Club! 80% of new year’s resolutions are abandoned by mid February. Don’t be part of that statistic. Health and fitness need to be part of your lifestyle, not a temporary challenge. See you at the club!