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Turkey Day Health Stats

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! First things first, we love food! We love family and food. We love food and family and naps. There is nothing wrong indulging in a holiday feast that is lovingly prepared for you. That being said, sometimes the holiday spirit can get a little out of hand when it comes to messing up our health and nutrition routines. Don’t get off track by going overboard with the food and drinks for two straight months.


Here are some quick tips to help keep you motivated and on track through the long Thanksgiving weekend.


Encourage Active Time with Your Friends and Family

It’s so easy to fall into the couch after your big delicious meal. Fight that urge for just 20 minutes and get the family to walk around the block or play touch football. Everyone will feel a lot better getting their heart rates up a little.


Save Yourself for the Main Event

Thanksgiving isn’t supposed to be an all day binge. Eat sensibly throughout the day and splurge on your feast.


Slow Down

There is some lag time between when your stomach gets full and when your brain gets the message. Slow down your eating so you don’t go too far. In other words, practice mindful eating.



Drinking enough water throughout the day helps reduce caloric intake. You’re also ingesting a lot more salt than you would normally and water helps gets it out of your system.


We hope you have the best Thanksgiving! Take time to appreciate friends, family, the amazing spread, and your health. We’re thankful for you and what you bring to our tight little community at Pinnacle. Bon appetit and see you around The Club.