As of 5pm on Monday, March 16th, a decision was made to close the club for an undetermined amount of time in response to health & government safety and public health recommendations. For more information, please view our frequently asked questions.

Tips to Succeed in the Pinnacle Fitness Club Maintain, Don’t Gain Challenge

It’s November at Pinnacle and you know what that means! It’s time for our annual Maintain, Don’t Gain campaign. We know that keeping a focus on healthy eating habits and an exercise routine can get really tough during these last two months of the year. The holiday parties, the gathering around food, and the extra to-dos leave little time for workouts and thoughtful nutrition planning. But you’re not alone!

What so many of our members love about Pinnacle Fitness Club is that it’s not just a place to come and check “workout” off your list; we’re truly a community, and as such, we’re in this together. We see each workout, those drops of sweat, and that “sore leg” swagger when you come in for more. We’re invested in making sure your hard earned progress isn’t damaged by the feasts and cocktails the holidays bring.

What is Maintain Don’t Gain?

Every year at Pinnacle Fitness we help you fight the battle of the holiday bulge with this campaign. It’s a free program for all members to make maintaining their current weight throughout the holidays fun. Not only do you have the Pinnacle Fitness Community supporting your effort to not gain weight during the holidays, you can also win some awesome prizes!

How Does it Work?

It couldn’t be easier. If you want to participate this year, you just have to sign in at the members services desk and get weighed in by one of our staff any time during the week before Thanksgiving. Don’t worry, it’s confidential. Then, just after the New Year you’ll weigh in again. If you didn’t gain weight over the holidays, you win!

Fast Facts About the Holidays

Be sure to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, connect with us on Instagram and stay tuned to the blog. We’re here to offer tips and support to keep you in the “maintain, don’t gain” mindset. Later this month on the blog, the trainers are getting together to offer tips, tricks and inspiration to help you fight the holiday pounds. At Pinnacle Fitness Club we’re invested in your success. Come on in and join us in the Maintain, Don’t Gain campaign!