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Tips for a Healthier Vacation

It’s vacation time. You’ve been working out, eating right, and now it’s time to take a week to blow it all! Just kidding. It’s time to take advantage of your stronger body, increased energy, and healthy confidence. Planning a vacation with some balance can help motivate you in your everyday life without taking steps backwards in our nutrition and exercise plans.  


Take Advantage of Your Location

Hot or cold, dry or wet, city or country -you have activity options! If you’re near water, you can have a calorie burning blast with water sports, stand up paddle boarding, or yoga on the beach. Depending on where you are, you can ski, hike, play yard games, the possibilities are endless. Just make sure to take advantage of your new surroundings!


Pack Accordingly

Basically, be prepared! When you’re in a new place and you’re open to new adventures, you have to be prepared. When you’re packing, make sure you pack clothes that you’re comfortable in and you can move around in. If you need it at the gym, you need it on vacay.


Indulge in Summer’s Best Foods

Sure, vacation can mean a vacation from your regular diet, but has that ever made you feel awesome? Probably not. Instead, indulge in summer’s best fresh fruits, veggies, and grilled lean meats and fish. Don’t deprive yourself, just make decisions that you know will make you feel both good and satisfied.


Take a Stroll…Everywhere

The best way to familiarize yourself with a new place and find little local treasures is to explore on foot or by bike. You get your bearings, you’ll probably meet some new local friends, and find something you would have just zoomed by in a car.


Pack Snacks

Everything takes longer when you’re away from home. Don’t find yourself stuck in the situation where you and your gang are starving and your only hope for sustenance is the golden arches. Nuts and fruits are easy to take along and snack on the go.


Try Something New

New place, new adventures! Be sure to do a little research about your surroundings, even a few hours out. You never know what might be worth the day trip. Exciting hiking routes, a beautiful boardwalk run, or volunteering opportunities.


What is your best active vacation memory or tip? Share it with us! You can catch us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. See you around the club!