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The Power of Meditation

Whether you dedicate just a few minutes a day, or you’re a regular Taoist, meditation is a fascinating, effective exercise for the mind. If you don’t yet have a meditation ritual, experts like Leo Babauta suggest starting with as little as two minutes per day. Like most other healthy actions we can take, when we start small and build up, we are more likely to form real habits from these actions.

A couple of minutes won’t affect even the busiest of schedules, but what’s in it for me, right? With anything we sink our precious moments into, we want to know what the return is, so let’s dive into the power of meditation.

Calming the Storm

One of the most beneficial aspects of meditation is simply calming the storm that’s raging in our minds at any given moment of the day. Money, school, love, kids….and on, and on, and on. When we feel bombarded by these things, we can’t make effective decisions or take thoughtful action. Check out this visual of the brain before and after meditation. Which mind do you think can more effectively deal with the everyday chaos of life…


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Lowering Stress Levels

Stress is one of our biggest opponents to a healthy, balanced life. Stress can lead to weight gain, substance abuse, and even contribute to serious health issues. It’s our kryptonite and meditation is a really effective way to lower stress levels.

Researchers from Johns Hopkins University found 47 trials that met their high standards for a well-designed study of the effects of meditation and found that mindfulness meditation can help ease psychological stresses like anxiety, depression, and even pain.

Increasing Focus and Memory

You’ll notice quite a few other unexpected benefits from daily meditation including improved focus and memory; two things that help us through every phase of our day, whether it be work or our personal lives.

As we grow up, we learn to hold our focus as we are made to listen, learn, and complete tasks. Focus is a learned action, and an action that can be repeated and strengthened. Meditation is a great way to exercise that part of the brain.

A recent study found that people who engage in mindful meditation have the heightened ability to screen out distraction and thereby increase productivity compared to study participants who did not meditate. The researcher, Catherine Kerr, found that their ability to ignore distractions explains “their superior ability to rapidly remember and incorporate new facts.”

Meditation is a free, effective healthy exercise for the mind and soul that you can practice anywhere. Pinnacle Fitness Club is a great place to start your meditation journey. All of the classes at Pinnacle do a mindful relaxation and on Fridays at 9am, you can attend a Yoga Meditation class and experience 30 minutes of yoga and 30 minutes of meditation. It’s a great first step to take if you’re not sure what you should be doing or focusing on. Find more classes to help you destress and energize yourself.