The Benefits of Yoga

Happy National Yoga Month! We know we’re celebrating here at Pinnacle Fitness by offering several different types and styles of yoga classes: Gentle Yoga, Power Yoga, Yoga Flow, Yogalatese, and Yoga Foundations in Meditation. We know just how beneficial practicing yoga can be, so we like to make sure we’re offering a yoga class that can fit every schedule, level of experience and stage of practice.

When you Google something like, “benefits of yoga,” you’re bound to come up with dozens, even hundreds of benefits, so we whittled them down to several that we see in our lives and those of our fitness club members.

The 5 Main Benefits of Practicing Yoga

Improved Sense of Wellbeing

“Emotional wellness,” “contentment,” “balance,” whatever you want to call it, people who practice yoga regularly have it! There aren’t very many, if any, moments in the day when we take our focus off of the day-to-day, and turn it inward. Yoga helps us to detach from the daily grind, and reflect on ourselves in a calm, pensive way.

This balance is also in large part due to the stress-relieving powers of yoga. Not sold? Well, Harvard is. Accord to a Harvard Medical study, yoga helps us regulate our stress response system. The practice of yoga helps lower blood pressure and heart rate, assisting the person when a stressful situation arises.

Increased Flexibility

We aren’t getting any younger, but we could be getting more flexible! Our bodies are kind of amazing in the sense that we can push boundaries and train our bodies to improve and perform. Muscles don’t actually get any longer when we’re in deep stretching poses; we’re actually just training our nervous system to allow us to go further and get deeper without the pain response triggered by what our brain senses to be an unsafe movement. The practice of yoga widens our range of “safe movement”. Pose by pose, we are opening up more possibilities for our bodies.

Weight Loss and Maintenance

Remember how we just covered the fact that yoga can help us regulate our stress response system? This not only helps our mental wellbeing, but the regulation of stress can also help with weight loss and maintenance. We’ve all fallen victim to stress eating and drinking. After a long hard day, we open up the wine and the Cheetos. When we have other means of handling stress, like with yoga, we don’t always have to turn to the negative, harmful vices to get through the day.

Increased Overall Health and Fitness

There are actually too many documented benefits of yoga to include in just one blog post. One of the more impressive health benefits of yoga is its impact on cardiovascular health. Study results released by the National Library of Medicine revealed that adding yoga to the treatment of heart failure patients increased their capacity for exercise, improved their heart health, and enhanced their over quality of life.

Increased Energy

Need a quick pick me up? No need for another cup of coffee; yoga is a natural way to boost energy levels. The feel-good hormones that come from the practice of yoga offer a great perk. Even the slow fluid movements in yoga will stimulate blood flow and help combat fatigue and increase feelings of vitality. Sitting at a desk all day? Here are a few yoga poses to lift you up.

What do you love most about Yoga at Pinnacle Fitness Club? What benefits do you see in your everyday life? Share with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram! See you in class!