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The Benefits of Yoga

Did you know that we love yoga so much here at Pinnacle Fitness Club that we offer four different types of yoga classes? We have Basic Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Power Yoga, and Yogalates on our class schedule. We appreciate how powerful the practice of yoga can be, so we like to ensure that we’re offering a yoga class to fit every schedule and level of experience. 


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The benefits of a regular fitness routine that includes yoga go on and on. Seriously, a simple Google search will result in hundreds. We’d like to concentrate on what benefits we believe are making markedly positive effects in our lives and those of our fitness club members


Sense of Wellbeing

Emotional wellness, peace, contentment  -whatever you want to call it, those who practice yoga on a regular basis, have it! We don’t tend to intentionally carve out moments in the day to take our focus off of daily operations and turn it inward. Yoga encourages us to put the daily grind on pause, even for a little while, and reflect on ourselves in a calm, thoughtful way. 


We don’t just feel more balanced, we’re actually coaching our minds and bodies to deal with stress in a more effective and powerful way. A Harvard medical study revealed that yoga helps us regulate our stress response systems. Practicing yoga can lower blood pressure and heart rate, which are two very important bodily responses that impact how we deal with stress. 


Increased Flexibility

So you’re not getting any younger, that’s a bummer, but you could be getting more flexible! Our mind and body work together in some pretty amazing ways. Yoga helps us push boundaries that we may have thought could never again be approached. 


The thought of “elongating muscles or tendons” is not quite accurate. We use this type of language in the practice of yoga to help the class focus on an image that will help them through the exercise or stretch. Our muscles don’t actually get any longer. The stretches we practice in yoga are actually just training our nervous system to allow us to go further. This training then enables us to get deeper without the pain response triggered by what our brain senses as a movement that can cause us injury. Yoga actually widens our range of safe movement, pose by pose.  


Weight Loss and Maintenance

Remember up there, 👆when we talked about how yoga can help us regulate our responses to stress? This conditioned regulation of stress can also assist us with weight loss and healthy weight maintenance. 


Who among us hasn’t fallen victim to stress eating and/or drinking (this week alone…)? If stress in your life is making you want to curl up on the couch and hit the wine and Cheetos, then yoga is for you! When you can depend on other, healthy ways of handling stress, like yoga, you don’t always have to turn to the negative, harmful habits to get you by. 


Health and Fitness

One of our favorite health benefits of yoga is its impact on cardiovascular health. Yoga loves your heart and your heart should love yoga right back! The National Library of Medicine conducted a study that revealed adding yoga to the treatment of heart failure patients increased their capacity for exercise, improved their heart health, and enhanced their overall quality of life. 



And who doesn’t need more energy? Energy is a hot commodity for all of us. We always need more of it and we always seem to be running short. Instead of pumping our bodies full of caffeine or sugar, yoga offers a natural way to boost energy levels.

The feel-good hormones, like endorphins, that energize us after a great yoga session offer a great natural perk. Even those slow, more fluid movements that we can relax into during a session will stimulate blood flow, helping our bodies combat fatigue and increase feelings of vitality. 


Is that desk job cramping our flow? Here are a few yoga poses to get those endorphins in high gear. 


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