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Step Away From the Hot Dog: Pinnacle Healthy Summer Tips

Honestly, a hot dog every once in awhile never hurt anyone. However, three hot dogs a few times a week can catch up to you. We get it: there are pool parties, backyard barbeques, porch drinks–all the things we don’t get a chance to enjoy the majority of the year in the Midwest. So, naturally, we cram it all into the three good months we get, but that’s no reason to blow all your hard work. Here are some healthy tips for the summer from the Pinnacle team to help you have a happier, healthier summer!

Enjoy Healthy Seasonal Fruits and Veggies While They Last

Sure, you can get some fruits and vegetables year-round, but there is no denying that summer-time fruits and veggies are the best. This is because they are in season and you can buy them straight from the source at one of our local farmers markets, your own garden, or produce stand. Berries are a great source of antioxidants, which have been linked to preventing tissue damage and the risks of age-related illness. They also carry loads of fiber, which helps keep cholesterol in check. Or you can grab a big ol’ watermelon which isn’t just delicious, it’s extremely hydrating, filling, and also packed with those age-fighting antioxidants.

And the veggies, oh the veggies! Spice up your normal recipes with fresh tomatoes and jalapeños. Snack smarter with fresh green beans and cucumbers. Just be sure to take full advantage of these delicious, healthy treats while you can get them straight from the source.

Make Your Morning Go Smoothie

A great way to pack all of those delicious, fresh fruits and veggies into your morning routine is with smoothies. There are so many combinations you can create, and incorporate your favorite protein powder while you’re at it. Don’t forget to throw in a handful of spinach, you can’t even taste it over the sweet tangy fruit. Smoothies aren’t just delicious, they’re nice and cool when you’re blow drying your hair or hopping into that piping hot car. And they’re great on the go!

Fire Up the Grill

Again, we would never want to go on the record as hot dog haters. They’re delicious and we all know it. That being said, there are some healthier options to get your grill on with. Season and grill up a big batch of veggies to add to your entrees throughout the week. Go for salmon, tilapia, or shrimp instead of heavier, greasier foods like brats or burgers.

Enjoy Iced Coffees and Teas

Iced coffee or tea are great ways to curb your appetite, stay cool, and get a burst of energy. Get creative with your flavors and you just might be able to trick your sweet tooth with these healthier options. Brew your own or snag your caffeine fix at most drive-thru windows.

Enjoy the Outdoors

July and August can be brutal with this intense heat, but don’t let that stop you from soaking in the great outdoors. ‘Cause you know, it will be fall before we know it. Get outside your comfort zone with paddle boarding under a full moon, yoga after dark, the Thursday Night Taco Ride, or a simple walk or jog in the early morning or late night. If A/C, cool water, a pool, and towel service are more your style, we’re always waiting for you at the club!

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