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Our Favorite Amazon Products That Encourage Health and Fitness on Amazon

Since many of us are Prime addicts, we thought we should share some of our favorite Amazon finds with you guys. These are based on value, Prime eligibility, and user reviews. Add your favorite Amazon finds in the comments


Headphones: Otium Best

These look and work an awful lot like those expensive ones that we’ve all bought three or four pairs of (does anyone know why we did that, by the way?). The great thing about these is that they’re just under $20 and “Sound Quality” got 4.1 out of 5 stars. Can’t beat it…

Running Shoes: Nike RN Flyknit

Serious runners can be very loyal to their type and brand of running shoe, and Nike RN Flyknit fans might be the most vocal. This lightweight, breathable line comes out with new versions every year. If you’re a Nike fan, we recommend giving these a try.

Desk Bike: FitDesk

This one is a bit on the more expensive side of our list, but we hope you’ll consider it an investment. A lot of our club members are desk bound for the majority of the day. A desk bike is a great way to get the blood pumping and there will never be another excuse to miss a workout.

Workout Bag: “I did my best” Duffel Bag

A bag is a bag…honestly, this one is just cute and uplifting. It’s small enough to fit into a gym locker but big enough to fit all the essentials.

Anti Chafe Product: Body Glide Anti Chafe Balm

This might be the resounding favorite product on the list. Chafing can seriously put a damper on your workout and hurt for days. Just rub this stick on your skin anywhere you commonly chafe and don’t worry about it!

Water Bottle: Thermos Tritan Hydration Bottle

We chose this one because it’s easy to open and close with one hand, it holds about 3 cups of water, and it’s easy to grip. Not a lot to it, but when you find your favorite water bottle, there’s nothin’ like it.

Foam Roller: 321 Strong Foam Massage Roller

Ahhh, just looking at the 321 foam roller is relaxing our muscles. This particular roller is for deep tissue massage. It is two-sided so you can roll on the flat or bumpy side.