October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It’s BCAM! -Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Spreading the word about BCAM and getting others involved can mean posting helpful information on social media, running in a fundraiser, or busting out your favorite bright pink tutu. However you join the cause, remember that the goal is to raise awareness, remind your friends to self-exam, and be supportive to the breast cancer community.


Promote Self Examinations and Mammograms

Before you fill your BFF in on what you ate today, or who posted the dumbest thing you’ve ever seen on Facebook, touch base with them on their health. Are you getting enough sleep? Drinking your 8 glasses of wine water each day? Are you doing your self examinations or scheduling your mammograms? Most of your female friends drop the habit because they forget about it. A simple reminder shows you care and it can save lives!


Educate Yourself

Learning about early detection and prevention can go a long way. The Suzan G. Komen foundation offers free downloadable resources so you can read up and be a resource to others. About 1 in 8 U.S. women (about 12.4%) will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime. Knowledge is power.


Share the News

When you hear about a race, fundraiser, or awareness event, give it a share. For instance, we’re really excited about this Mobile Mammography Unit. The Susan G. Komen organization is teaming up with One World Community Health Centers in Omaha to provide health examinations for women who might not be in a good situation to schedule an examination through traditional means. There is also this breakfast and breast health information event held by Nebraska Medicine, tomorrow! We think it should be called breastfast, but who are we to say?


You can also donate to get involved, and some people are even leaving gifts toward breast cancer research in their will, which we think is a great idea! Thanks for supporting the breast cancer community and helping spread awareness. See you around The Club!