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Your New Year’s Resolution and Goals Check-In

According to a study conducted by Static Brain, New Year’s resolution makers are dropping like flies right about now. The study revealed that by the first week into January, 27% of us abandon our resolutions. By week two, 31% of us quit. And by the time we make it into February, just over 50% of us drop off. So, which half are you on? Are you still going strong, or were your resolutions a fad? Well here’s your New Year’s resolution check-in.

There’s Still Time

You probably made a resolution with the aim of being or doing better this year. So you lost the drive, but did you lose the dream? Do you still want to be or do something better? It is never too late to recommit yourself to your resolution(s). We promise, the New Year’s resolution police won’t interrogate you and tell you you’re too late to jump back on the bandwagon now. You make the rules about what you do and don’t do. So what’s it gonna be?


Why Did You Resolve in the First Place?

What was the goal? What was the issue that needed to be addressed? You had to have cared enough about something to make a promise to yourself to change it. Revisit that promise and figure out if it still means something to you. If it does, you’ll do something about it.


Why Didn’t It Work?

When you revisit your resolution, figure out where you got off track. If you wanted to lose 50 lbs in three months, travel to Greece, and end world hunger in 2018, you might have aimed too high. Make sure your goals are reasonable and attainable. Revisit this Pinnacle blog post on creating SMART goals for yourself.


Expect to Make Mistakes

Whether you’re quitting smoking, learning a new language, or working on your journey to fitness you have to be ready to slip, and slipping cannot mean quitting. Those two aren’t the same thing, and that should be a clear distinction in your mind. We often hear, “Well, I messed up on my eating plan and now my whole day is shot.” When we think this way, that pattern of thought begins to take over. The day becomes the week, and the week becomes the year. Falling isn’t what matters, it’s getting back up that counts.


Get Support

Remember way up top there where we shared that over 50% of those who made New Year’s resolutions have given up by now? You’re not alone! Ask your friends and family members about their resolutions. Give them some support and you might just get some in return. Wouldn’t it be great to be the reason that someone you love or care about gets back on track with bettering themselves?


We hope this has motivated you to get back on track with your resolutions and goals, or create new ones for yourself. The whole point is to do and be better, and each day is an opportunity to do just that.