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New Workout Routine: 7 Things To Consider

New Year bandwagoner eh?… We love New Year bandwagoners! We don’t care when you made the commitment to a better, healthier life, just that you made it. Starting a new workout routine is exciting, but it can also be scary. We get it, we all started somewhere. Here are a few tips from the Pinnacle Fitness team to help you on your new path.

Don’t Go Too Hard

Ease into it. Seriously. You might feel fine during the workout, but just wait until you wake up the next morning. We want you to come back, you want you to come back. Don’t go full force in your first week and make yourself sore to the point that you become demotivated and scared. You have the rest of your life to reach your fitness goals, let’s not try to do it all this week.

Try the Classes

If you’re new, or coming back, to a workout routine, you probably aren’t sure what you’re into just yet, what pushes you, what you might even consider fun. Try the classes! Classes are a great way to get a taste for all the different ways you can exercise your mind and body. The list of classes offered at Pinnacle Fitness Club is actually pretty crazy. Check them out here. We challenge you to try them all in 2017!

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

‘Cause guess what? You will never be satisfied and it will only bring you down. In just about any scenario in which you compare yourself to someone else, you have virtually nothing to gain but much to lose. When we compare ourselves to others we can lose our drive, dignity, and self-worth. You’re putting yourself in lose-lose situation. Plus, ain’t nobody got time for that, you have a Pinnacle Fitness class to get to.

Exercise Time Management

We can’t lie, committing to a fitness routine is a big commitment. Don’t fool yourself into thinking otherwise, just plan. For many of us, finding an extra hour each day can look impossible. Please know that everyone you see walking around the gym found a way to do it and so can you. Please also know that while it’s tough to find the time, excuses don’t get you any thinner, stronger or happier. Look at your daily routine realistically and figure out what can go, move or condense. Pinnacle Fitness Club offers classes throughout the day to help you get the most out of your gym time and stay on schedule.

Focus on the Work

You simply won’t make it unless you have the raddest new shoes, at least 4-5 Instagram worthy workout outfits, and the nicest bluetooth headphones you can afford and still make rent. False! In the words of the great Nirvana, come as you are. All that other stuff is nice, but focus on the work. When you walk into Pinnacle, you’ll see folks in jeans getting 30 minutes in over their lunch break, worn sneakers, and smiles. Consider making the new shoes, outfits and gadgets incentives to hit your goals.

Set Goals

Go with whatever works for you, but make them solid, measurable goals. Some people will get discouraged easily by setting scale-centered goals, but that’s not to say it won’t work for others. You could consider making your goal working out four times each week, adding weight to your lifts, increasing time on your cardio, or trying one new Pinnacle Fitness Club class each month. Whatever it might be, make it measurable and reasonable.

Eat Pizza!

Bet you never thought you’d hear that! What we mean is don’t cut out everything you enjoy, simply find a balance. Have the pizza, but do the work. Take a day off, but make healthier choices. Have a few drinks, but maybe leave das boot out of it. As trainers, we find that if you deprive yourself of the things you love, you just won’t last long. Health and fitness are a marathon, not a sprint. Remind yourself to make healthier choices about nutrition, activities and mindset every single day.

One more thing, please always come to us with your questions! The Pinnacle Fitness trainers didn’t enter the health and wellness world in hopes they’d end up in a cubicle behind a desk. They’re here for you! They want to help you achieve happiness and health, it’s what they love. So, always feel welcome to ask for guidance or advice when you’re in the club.

Okay, last thing, we promise! You should also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for updates, community happenings and great fitness tips. Have a great 2017!