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It’s National Nutrition Month! Here is the Best Pre- and Post-Workout Nutrition Advice

Variety is the spice of health! March is National Nutrition Month, so naturally, we’ve been focusing on what we fuel our bodies with this month. Variety in the type of exercises we perform as well as the nutrition we use to fuel those workouts is a great way to stay engaged with your fitness goals. We’ve outlined the types of food that your body uses most effectively before and after each of the main types of workout.

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Exercises that work the cardiovascular system like dancing, swimming or running fall into the aerobic category. This type of exercise gets your heart rate up and makes you breathe hard. Aerobics have been known to help prevent cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Pre-Workout Nutrition: When it comes to these cardio focused workouts, there’s no need to fear the carbs. A carb loaded snack about 20 minutes before your workout will carry you through a 40 minute workout. Avocado toast, low fat cheese with crackers, or fruit.  

Post- Workout Nutrition: After your aerobic workout go high protein like eggs, cheese, meat or a protein shake. And it never hurts to throw some veggies in the mix! The protein helps replenish all that energy that you just expended.


Exercises that focus on gaining muscle by using resistance like weight lifting or bodyweight movements are in the strength category. Strength exercises help us gain lean muscle mass which expedites weight loss because lean muscle burns calories.

Pre-Workout Nutrition: Before a good strength workout, you’ll want to go for low glycemic carbs to offer a steady supply of energy. Low glycemic carbs include foods like nuts, brown rice, beans, sweet potatoes and veggies. Mix in some quality proteins like chicken or fish and you’re ready to kill your strength workout.

Post- Workout Nutrition: Try to get this snack or meal in right after your workout (15-20 minutes after). Now that you’ve shredded those muscles, you have to give them something to repair themselves with. You’ll want a good mix of protein, carbs and good fats to replenish cell damage and blood sugar loss, and control inflammation. Try quinoa with black beans and veggies cooked in olive oil, a protein smoothie with a banana, or grilled chicken and hummus with cucumber in a whole grain tortilla.

While there is a fascinating science behind nutrition and exercise, the main goal is to make good choices. If you stick with heart healthy fats, quality proteins and good carbs, you’ll be ready for any workout and any recovery. Come see us next week for more on the Pinnacle Fitness Club blog.