Keep the Kids Active This Summer

Although we aren’t a kid-friendly gym, we are kid-friendly people. We love the kiddos! In fact, we strongly believe that a caregiver’s health, fitness, and mental wellness are essential elements of the parenting toolkit. But enough about us, let’s talk about them! 


The summer days can drag on for a child, and when laziness takes hold, those days go by even slower. This blog is dedicated to fun, kid-friendly ideas for all of our Pinnacle parents and caregivers. 


Wizards Unite! or Pokemon Go!

These apps encourage exploration through gamification -that’s just a fancy word for making something normal a game. These apps manage to make walking around a game! As you walk around your neighborhood (or wherever you are), you use your phone to play games and carry out tasks in your real-life surroundings. These Harry Potter and Pokemon themed apps have transformed the gaming world from sedentary, to aerobic. 


Pools and Splash Pads

Keep them cool and exhausted this summer with one of the many pools and splash pads we have around town. Have you heard about the new splash park at the zoo? It alone is worth the yearly membership. Get some work done, read a book, or join in! 


Wheely Things

We’re talking bikes, skates, roller blades, scooters and the like. Even if you’re hopping on the electric scooters that have popped up around town, you’re still out, breathing fresh air, moving around, and having fun together. Just be sure to cover all of your bases where safety is concerned. 


Volunteer Together

There are plenty of active volunteer opportunities in Omaha. Food sorting at the Foodbank for the Heartland, cloth sorting for the Open Door Mission, dog walking for the Nebraska Humane Society. Talk through not only what activity they would like to engage in, but the type of help they would like to offer. 


Don’t Forget About Your Parks

The best way to support your parks is through patronage. Whether you’re going camping, on a hike, visiting the lake, or just playing on the playground. When parks are used, they are invested in. 


Quick Tips to Keep Them Active, Safe, and Healthy:

bring a high spf sunscreen everywhere

always take more water than you think you’ll need

snacks, snacks, and more snacks

talk about safety relevant to your activity before you begin

bring a cell phone charger and backup battery pack

diaper wipes are just awesome 


Sounds like a fun summer, right? You better be able to keep up. Don’t be the parent on the sidelines. Show your kids the energy, passion, and strength that you work hard to maintain every time to come to Pinnacle Fitness Club. See you around the club!