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It’s National Wellness Month!

During National Wellness Month we’re reminded to #choosewellness. This month is all about self care and rededication to our individual health and fitness journeys. National Wellness Month is the perfect excuse to take a little more time for yourself, find a new fitness avenue to enjoy, and get your friends involved in your active lifestyle. We can help you observe National Wellness Month with us at Pinnacle Fitness Club! 


Try a New Physical Activity

You might decide to try a new yoga pose with the goal of mastery at the end of the month. You could also give a different Group X Class a go once each week, or bike to some of the great outdoor social events happening all over Omaha. This month is about stepping up your wellness game, thinking of more ways to incorporate physical activity, and investing in taking the long way around. That can mean better food choices or taking the stairs. With each choice, choose wellness. 


Splurge on New Gear

The fitness tracker you’ve been eyeing, the workout clothes you don’t really need, or those new cross trainers -whatever your wellness splurge is, go for it! But only do it if you know it will encourage your wellness efforts! Treat your investment/splurge as a commitment to do more.


Connect with Your Fitness Community

Did you know that Pinnacle has been incorporating more community events this summer? We are BIG fans of the fitness community in Omaha and we’re always encouraging our members to branch out. We know you have this amazing facility and staff to rely on, but getting out into your local fitness community can be so energizing! Be sure to check out local walks, runs, workouts in the park, or start your own small event with friends and family. 


Be Thoughtful About Your Stress Management

Stress management looks different for all of us because we all carry stress in different ways. This month, we encourage you to be more mindful of your stress management. This can mean trying new stress management techniques like mindful meditation, joining us for yoga class, or investing in something you enjoy, like a healthy cooking class, or dusting off those rollerblades.


It can also mean defining your stressors and mitigating how they can affect you. For instance, if time management is something you struggle with and it causes stress in your life, consider ways to set yourself up for success. Perhaps you could dedicate a few hours on Sunday to meal prepping to save time throughout the week. Or, you could commit to knocking out your workout over your lunch hour with our 45-minute classes. 


Share Your Wellness Month Experience Online

A really fun way to celebrate National Wellness Month is to follow @Wellness_Month on Instagram. They share a small daily challenge to encourage your wellness journey. Things like, “Make a wellness date with a bestie” or “Say 5 things you’re grateful for out loud”. Easy, right? You can share your wellness experiences with the hashtags #ichoosewellness, #wellfie, and #wellnessmonth. And don’t forget to join your Pinnacle Fitness Club community online at @pinnacle_fitness_club


Have a great National Wellness Month! And, see you around the club!