Here’s What We’re Thankful For

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and we’re so excited. Instead of telling you how many burpees you would need to do after eating a Thanksgiving meal (which is roughly 4,500), we’d rather embrace the grateful nature of this holiday and let you know what we’re thankful for at Pinnacle Fitness Club.


We’re Thankful for Jobs We Love

Not everyone gets to follow their passion, but the trainers at Pinnacle Fitness Club are all lucky enough to have careers that are fun, challenging, and most of all, fulfilling. Every trainer here is here because they are passionate about fitness and helping others reach their goals, and that’s exactly what we get to do every day. 


We’re Thankful for Our Strong Bodies

We’re grateful for these strong bodies that carry us through every day. There is real power in feeling strong. As a result of all the time and energy we put into keeping our bodies strong, they will carry us farther, support our families longer, and keep us going. 


We’re Thankful for the Time, Drive, and Resources to Focus on Fitness 

It’s not always easy to make fitness a priority. Finding the time and energy can be a struggle, and then there’s the matter of putting ourselves first. In order to be a source of energy and strength for those around us, we have to make sure we’re filling our own tanks. We’re thankful for that realization and the support that can often require from those around us. 


We’re Thankful for this Beautiful Facility

I mean, right? From the huge indoor lap pool, to the impressive size of our space, we’re thankful for a facility that offers everything we could possibly need to carry out our own fitness goals and help our members with their own. The space and amenities are unparalleled in downtown Omaha. 


We’re Thankful for the Community at PFC! 💚

We saved the best for last…

The community at Pinnacle Fitness Club is amazing, especially the support our members have for each other. We have so many members who have been with us for years and even decades. When you walk into a class full of familiar faces, it energizes you and creates a really supportive environment. We’re thankful for you and the energy you bring to this place that is near and dear to our (very healthy) hearts.