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Healthier Happy Hour Choices Around Omaha

Making your health and fitness a priority doesn’t have to mean passing up good times with friends or a relaxing indulgence by yourself after work at happy hour. At Pinnacle Fitness Club we like to focus on a balance rather than placing a lot of restrictions on yourself. Setting yourself up for success by doing a little research before you go out allows you to make smart, healthy choices. We put our heads together and came up with our favorite, healthier happy hour choices. Since we’re located in East Omaha, we kept our selections nearby. 



What: How do a couple Corona Lights and Grilled Shrimp Tacos sound? Well, you can snag these for $3 and $4 respectively at Roja’s happy hour. A nice, light steal of a deal. 

When: Mon-Sat 3-6:30, Fri and Sat 9:30-11



What: Good seafood can be tricky in the Midwest, but Plank pulls it off. Our favorite happy hour pick from Plank is, by far, the Peel and Eat Shrimp. You get several jumbo, well-seasoned shrimp for $9. You could also go for the Grilled Mahi Mahi Tacos that come with a lovely pineapple salsa for $5. Pair these with a $6 gimlet (ask for easy on the simple syrup).

When: Mon-Sat 3-6:30, Sun noon-8



What: The Spicy Garlic Edamame is a game-changer! This $4 protein-packed, shareable starter is perfect to pair with a $3 light domestic. Add the $6 Asian Short Ribs and you’ve got a nice, hearty after-work snack. 

When: Mon-Fri 3-6:30, Sat 3-6, Sun noon-8



What: Their Two Greens & Bottle deal is fantastic for you veggie and salad lovers. You can also add delicious proteins like salmon, shrimp, or angus beef filets to this healthier happy hour choice for a decent price.

When: Mon-Fri 2-6



What: Their bruschetta is flavorful, satisfying, and easy on the wallet at $6 during happy hour. Add the $8 Meatballs for a very complimentary, protein-packed, hearty addition

When: Mon-Fri 3-6


J Gilbert’s

What: Feelin’ a little fancy? Well, you don’t have to break your diet or blow your budget at J Gilbert’s with $2 Oysters on the Half Shell and $3.50 Lobster Claws. 

When: Mon-Fri 4-6:30, Sun all day


It’s all about striking a balance and making healthy choices. Consider how you’ll feel after a few rounds of sugary drinks and a selection of fried food. The healthy, more satisfying choice might not always be cheaper or as convenient, but we guarantee it’s worth it! We hope this list helps you make smarter choices while you’re out and about in East Omaha. See you around the club!