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Happy Mothers Do This…

Motherhood is a tough job. It can be thankless. It can be frustrating. It can be the most amazing thing that ever happened to you. With Mother’s Day coming up, we want to take some time to focus on our members who are mothers by highlighting some habits of happy mothers.  


Happy mothers focus on balance.

Most mothers are in a constant juggling act between work, family, friends, running the household and following their own passions. As a mother, striking a healthy balance between all of these things takes a conscious effort. If you feel stretched too thin in an area of your life, it may be time to reevaluate the investments you’re making. Need more time to yourself? More time with your kids? An artistic outlet? Identify what you need, and what has to change to get it. Then make it happen!


Happy mothers can say “no.”

Ever feel like you’re being pulled in about 37 directions? Like you’re dedicating time and energy to the things that matter to those around you, but it leaves little for what matters to you? Getting comfortable with telling people “no” is a really empowering, healthy habit to create for yourself. And it’s not just saying “no” to lending a helping hand, it’s saying “no” to things you simply don’t want to do. Before you commit to things, take at least a moment to yourself to really consider your answer.


Happy mothers live by their own definition of success.

The grass is always greener, right? The working mom might crave more time with her children, while the stay at home mom might really worry about her professional standing when she returns to work life. Success is measured differently by everyone. Find out what success means to you, strive for it, and relish in it.


Happy mothers make time for physical activity.

They are literally happier! When we work out, those “happy” chemicals are released. We feel better, we have more energy, and we exude a positive attitude when we get moving and break a sweat. An active mom is a happy mom.


Happy mothers take time to focus on nutrition.

How do you feel after you eat a fresh salmon filet with a side of thoughtfully prepared seasonal vegetables? Now compare that to how you feel after a fast food meal, or hamburger helper. It’s night and day, right? One leaves you energized and nourished, while the other leaves you bloated and drained of energy. Happy moms don’t sabotage a good day with bad food.


We wanted to highlight these happy mother habits with Mother’s Day just around the corner, because the mothers in your life need support and encouragement to form and maintain habits like these. Eating out is easy, preparing a healthy meal is thoughtful. Catching a movie is okay, but catching a walk together gives you time to connect. We hope you and the mothers in your life have a wonderful Mother’s Day!


Be sure to bring your mom or mom friend to Free Friend Fridays at Pinnacle Fitness Club. You can take a class, plan your own workout, or relax in the hot tub together. See you around the club!