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Group X Classes at Pinnacle Fitness Club: The Benefits of Group Exercise

Did you know that we offer 18 different kinds of group exercise classes at Pinnacle Fitness Club? That means there is something for everyone and every schedule. If you haven’t given our group X classes a try, you should read on. The benefits of group exercise are undeniable!


Your Competitive Side Kicks In

Working out in a group setting is great for your drive. You see the people around you who aren’t giving up, they aren’t taking a break, or they’ve moved up with their weights. You want to push through too. You want to increase your weights too. Group X classes keep attendees motivated.


You Become Part of a Community

Some of our group X attendees have been going to the same classes for years. When you first start, everything is pretty new, then faces become familiar, then you get to know everyone’s names, and before you know it, these are the friends you’ve seen every Monday at 11:45 for cycle for the last 4 years. You really feel like part of a community when you make group X part of your fitness routine.


Structure and Efficiency

The structure that a group X class offers means you’re getting the most out of your time at the gym. Because the class is timed and led by an instructor, you’re using your workout time more efficiently. There is no small talk, no wandering around the gym, no prolonged breaks. You’re focused and moving your workout along.


You Need Variety

Did we mention there are 18 different group X classes? Whether you’re into strength training, running, cycling, swimming, or dancing, there is a class tailored to your interests, fitness level, and schedule. Don’t let your workouts get stale and ineffective. Instead, try a new class!


Improve Your Form and Increase Your Knowledge of Fitness

A huge benefit of group X classes are that they are led by trained pros. You get the benefits of  having access to a trainer. They are there for questions, encouragement, form tips, and more. Our trainers are here to share their knowledge and help our members get the most out of the time they spend at PFC.


Try Our New Classes!

We’re always adding exciting new classes to our group X line up. We want to invite you to try our latest additions.


POUND Drumsticks have never been so exciting as when using them during POUND class. Originating from LA, this class ties in body weight strength, core and cardio movements designed to get the heart pumpin’ and beats jumpin’!


Running Club This club is for runners of all levels. We will run outside unless the weather is extreme. The Wednesday run will be shorter and speed focused (if desired), and the Sunday run will be longer and endurance focused. Walk/Runners are also welcome to join the club.


Thank you for being a PFC member! We hope you’re getting the most out of your membership with our huge line up of group exercise classes. Is there a class or fitness movement that you want to see at Pinnacle Fitness Club? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. See you around The Club!