Pinnacle Fitness Club is permanently closed. Learn more here.

Pinnacle Fitness Club Classes

Our classes are a great way to work out, be social, and use the community for support in accomplishing your fitness goals! Let our certified and trained fitness professionals work with you in strength-training, conditioning, flexibility, and toning. Most group exercise classes are open to all ages and fitness levels.

Aqua Fit

Cardiovascular conditioning can be in the water too. Without the pounding on joints, Aqua Fit classes provide great exercise and toning, leading to improved range of motion, strength, coordination, and flexibility.

Boxing Bootcamp

You get it all in this class: box, kick, boot camp and cardio.  It includes a variety of different stations (step, medicine ball, jump rope, ladder, bands or weights) as well as boxing. Expect a hardcore workout every class!

Camp PFC

No fancy footwork required.  Pace yourself or go the limit in this ultimate total body workout!  Athletic driven movements inspire this simple, yet challenging circuit workout.  No matter what your level of fitness you’ll see yourself becoming stronger, fitter and tougher!

Core Strength

Designed to target your torso working all aspects of the abs and back, sculpting your abs into shape and strengthening your core, which is the key to your overall strength.  If you are new to abdominal training, some of the exercises will be challenging, so make sure you pace yourself and modify as needed.


This ride will simulate varied terrain as you tackle rolling hills, sprints and other drills to give you a great interval workout. This class is for the beginners as well as seasoned cyclists.

Mobility and Recovery

You need to get regular upkeep on your vehicle for it to run well, and our bodies are no different. This is essential for injury prevention. Come learn how to perform basic maintenance on your body and recover properly so you’re ready for that next intense workout.

Sports Conditioning

Burn calories and get your cardio in while becoming faster, quicker, and more agile. Added training on plyometrics (Tuesday) or strength (Wednesday). At the first class of each month, test yourself in the broad jump, 10 yard dash, and 5-10-5 shuttle. Come back each week to work on improving your scores for the next month!

Simply Strength

A weight training class for all fitness enthusiasts looking to develop strength, core stability, and stamina while using proper weight lifting techniques.  This athletic-based workout uses barbells, dumbbells, and body resistance to work every major muscle group.  All ages and fitness levels welcome.


Sweating is what you will be doing in this exciting class. A combo of weights and cardio will challenge all of your systems!

Total Body Conditioning

This class will incorporate both cardio and strength moves using your body for resistance.  Body weight exercises are a simple effective way to improve balance, flexibility and strength.

Walking Club

This class will meet in Pinnacle’s lobby then head out to the great outdoors (weather permitting)! Class will head to the track or treadmills during inclement weather. All abilities welcome. Come socialize, get a workout, and explore a little!


Zumba combines high-energy, motivating music with world rhythms with unique moves and combinations that allow the Zumba participants to dance away their worries and the pounds. This is a fun way to break a sweat that feels more like a party than a workout. No dance experience required!

Yoga Classes Omaha NE

Our yoga classes focus on breath, posture, and meditation, leaving you refreshed and rejuvenated! Yoga classes are offered for beginner and intermediate students throughout the week:

Basic Yoga

This class is dynamic practice flowing from one pose to the next.  Practice motions to increase your strength, balance and flexibility, while focusing on alignment and breathing. No experience is required.

Gentle Yoga

Rejuvenate and relax. This class teaches the basics of yoga postures, breath, and balance. No previous yoga experience required but modifications will be given for those with experience.

Power Yoga

Ready to build strength, endurance, flexibility, awareness and focus?  Yoga Flow will help you do all of this by linking yoga poses into a sequence of movements that “flow” with the breath in a more vigorous series.  All levels welcome!

Rest Day Yoga

In this class, we work with basic concepts within the yoga tradition. The asanas (poses) will be practiced with steadiness and ease. Finding space to relax into the ancient methods of yoga is known to enhance awareness of body and can also boost recovery time, providing you with mindful skills needed for overall wellbeing.


Fuses the disciplines of yoga, Pilates, and core-conditioning to produce long, lean muscles and a strong, flexible body. This class allows the participant to work from the inside out, creating a unique, results-oriented class experience. This class is open to all levels. No experience is required.

Today’s Schedule of Classes

  • Basic Yoga (May 31, 2020 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am)