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Getting the Most Out of Your Personal Trainer

Working with a personal trainer is a big step in your fitness journey. It’s a financial investment, another commitment, and a new relationship in your life. It is also transformative, empowering, and a great chance to learn about your body and limits.


Know Your Goals

Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, train for an event, or get ready for a vacation it is vital to define your goals and share them with your personal trainer. Setting timelines and expectations is your first step in attaining your goals with the help of your trainer.


Be Open to Their Ideas

You may come into this venture with some solid ideas about what you will and won’t do and what you do and don’t like. Consider putting your preconceptions aside and make yourself open to the possibilities that your trainer presents. You may find that you really enjoy a type of exercise that you previously avoided, especially as you get stronger, your confidence increases, and your stamina improves.


Express Likes and Dislikes

While it’s great to be open, there is power in honesty. If you dread a certain type of workout or you don’t respond to your trainer’s style of motivation, it’s important to be honest about it. Furthermore, everyone is built differently and has different limitations. It’s really about trusting yourself as well as your trainer. Allow them to push you, while being honest about your journey.


Test the Waters

It’s okay to look for “the right one”. Start with an open and honest conversation about finding the trainer that is right for you. Everyone has a different style, and compatibility can make or break a trainer/trainee relationship. Ideally, this will be the person who motivates and trains you for years to come.

Now that you know a little more about working with a trainer, take a moment to meet the Pinnacle Fitness Club personal trainers. Our personal trainers are dedicated, passionate professionals invested in changing lives. Learn more about our personal training programs by giving us a call to set up your first session today. See you around the club!