Fueling Your Fitness Journey: Our favorite healthy on-the-go snacks.

We ask a lot of our bodies. They carry us through each day, each workout, and each night out. It’s important to give your body the fuel it needs. We asked the Pinnacle Fitness Club team what their favorite on-the-go snacks are and compiled a list for you to add to your cart. 


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Nuts showed up on just about everyone’s list. Nuts like almonds, peanuts, and cashews are a protein-packed snack option that is easy to travel with. You can also find a wide variety of flavors if you’re getting bored of the same ol’, same ol’. From chocolate to wasabi, there is a flavor for everyone. 


Fruits and Veggies

Again, the variety of fruits and veggies appeals to everyone, and most travel well. Toss a banana or baggie of carrots in your bag and you’re good to go when it’s time to fuel up. If you’re watching your calories, certain vegetables like celery are perfect to endlessly munch on. And if you’re looking to hydrate, go with watermelon or cucumber slices


Cottage Cheese

Some genius finally started selling cottage cheese in individual containers so you don’t have to carry a giant tub around with you. Cottage cheese is a high protein, low fat, and low cost option. If the natural flavor doesn’t do it for you, try adding strawberries! 


Nut Butters

On everything! Just kidding, but seriously, nut butters are a great addition to add protein and healthy fat. Add it to your shakes, oatmeal, apple slices, or celery sticks. If you’re really dining and dashing, you can just dip a spoon in the jar and get on your way. 



Flavorful, easy to travel with, and high in protein, jerkies make a great healthy snack. However, you should be careful about the salt and added sugar in jerky. Stick with smaller portions that satiate and try not to mindlessly munch. 



Ah the invention of the tuna packet. No refrigeration or can opener required, and there are so many flavor options! Pro Tip: Skip the high fat mayo and mix in half a ripe avocado. Avocados deliver flavor, creaminess, and healthy fat.  


Hard Boiled Eggs

Hard boiled eggs might have been as popular on the list as nuts and here’s why: they’re really cheap, simple to prepare, high in protein, low in calories, and a great addition to any salad. 


Roasted Chickpeas

While they’re no potato chip, roasted chickpeas are a good crunchy, salty snack to go for when the craving hits. They are also now available in a lot of flavors that keep us from getting bored. 


String Cheese

String cheese is typically much lower in fat than other varieties of snack cheese. We also tend to eat string cheese slower, and it’s just down right tasty. 



Not a ton of nutrition here, but popcorn can be ideal for satiating that salty crunch you need from time to time. You can also add some fun flavors (we like to call it cheesoning) or hot sauce to spice things up.


Have you heard of PFC’s new Mini Mart?!  

Many of the items listed above are stocked in the Mini Mart so it will be easier than ever to stay well-fueled before or after your club workouts.


Fueling your body properly before and after a workout can dramatically improve your performance and results. Both before and after a workout, we recommend a snack that contains a healthy dose of both carbs and protein. And don’t worry – with our new mini mart, it’ll be easier than ever to fuel your body correctly! The majority of items in the mart are lower in fat, lower in sugar, and higher in protein than other common snacks.