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The Fitness Trends of 2017 and What We Think About Them

In 1991 Suzanne Somers presented the Thigh Master to the world. Long before and long after, we saw health and fitness trends come and go through the years. Here is a look at the fitness trends we saw in 2017 and what the Pinnacle crew has to say about them.  

Strength Training -Love it!

Not too long ago, cardio was all the rage in the fitness world. Don’t get us wrong, cardio is an essential part of a dynamic, healthy fitness plan, but strength training brings some awesome, unique benefits to the table. Strength training is a really effective weight management tool, it also protects bone health and increases muscle mass. Strength training can increase energy, help prevent disease, and increases strength!

Want to know more about strength training at Pinnacle Fitness Club? Try out the Camp PFC, Simply Strength, SWEAT, Barre, P90X or Sunset Surprise classes.

Exercise and Diet as Medicine/Preventative Care -Love it!

The focus has changed from fixing the problem, to preventing the problem. A lot of diseases and health issues (too many to list here) can be prevented with a healthy diet, and a consistent fitness plan. The medical world is starting to see health and fitness as a real and effective measure that we should all take to lead healthier, longer lives.

Fitness Wear Memberships -Eh, we’re on the fence.

Quite a few of us have been sucked into one of these fitness wear membership agreements. The lure is strong with great deals on what are supposed to be amazing products. However, the fine print will usually get you with recurring automatic account charges and poor customer service to help with cancellations and returns. Beyond that, sold out sizes and color options will usually leave you with a small variety to choose from. If you decide to join one of these such memberships, please read the customer reviews first! They will tell you everything you need to know about the organization.

More Fitness Options for Older Adults -Love it!

Yes! Finally, there are more options for older adults than at-home fitness routines on VHS. We’re living longer, and in order to make our extended years the best they can be, we have to focus on fitness and health well before and past the traditional age of retirement. Pinnacle Fitness Club offers several different classes that are designed for the older crowd. Aqua Fit classes provide great exercise and toning, leading to improved range of motion, strength, coordination, and flexibility. Walking Club and Gentle Yoga are also great options!

CrossFit -It depends…

We’ve seen CrossFit do some amazing things for people. It truly has transformative powers when it comes to building strength, increasing agility, and weight loss and maintenance. That being said, we see a lot of injuries resulting from improper or unsupervised training. We love seeing people become the best version of themselves and we’ve seen CrossFit do that. So, with proper training and an eye for safety, CrossFit can be a great program.

Wearable Fitness Technology -Like it.

What we like about wearable technology is that it creates accountability and can be pretty motivational. With the right apps and settings you can get a transparent look into your sleeping habits, diet, and activity levels. It’s always good to get that reality check. However, some of these gadgets can be pretty costly, hitting the $400-$500 range. That’s not really necessary. When looking for your wearable fitness tech, check out the reviews of off-brand products, and you might find they can help you achieve the same fitness goals as the more expensive models.

Now we want you to weigh in! Did we miss a 2017 health and fitness trend that you loved or hated? Let us know and join the conversion on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

Thank you for being part of the Pinnacle Fitness Club family in 2017 and cheers to a fabulous, healthy 2018!