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Where Fitness Meets Philanthropy

It’s called philanthrofit and it’s a new movement that ties philanthropy with fitness, sometimes through technology. So naturally, we’re on board! For decades philanthropy and fitness have gone hand and hand, most commonly through large organized walks and runs. Because of the technological aspect of the new philanthrofit movement, raising money for charities we care about through fitness has become more accessible and therefore widespread.

Amazon Smile for all of our fitness gear and health products.

Who out there isn’t quite sure what they would do without Amazon Prime? You’re not alone! Whether it be our protein powder, vitamins, supplements, workout wear, or gear, Amazon Prime offers free two-day shipping, a fantastic selection, and very reasonable prices. When you create an Amazon Smile account, you get all of the standard benefits of a Prime membership, but you’re also able to choose a charity to which some of the profits of each purchase will go.

Charity Miles for all of you walkers, runners, and cyclists.

This is a great app for walkers, runners, and cyclists. It’s really simple: you download the app and workout! Walkers and runners earn up to $.25/mile and cyclists earn up to $.10/mile. We know a few members that could really rake in some dough for their charities through this app. Choose from 40 great charities to sweat for.

Plus 3 for an easy approach to employee wellbeing.

For employers, this app will create health challenges and wellbeing programs that incentivize health and fitness with charitable giving and other rewards. The app uses social interaction to increase health awareness within the organization and encourage group participation. Employees then benefit from a fun, interactive health and wellbeing initiative in their workplace.

Local walks and runs that donate profits and/or donations to charity.

You have to be careful here. There are a lot of walks and runs that look like they’re a non-profit supporter but are entirely for profit. Be sure to read a little into the organization hosting the walk and/or run. The Aqua Run is a great one coming up this summer. It’s a 10K relay that raises funds for an Omaha non-profit that provides people access to clean water in South Sudan.

Do you know about a philanthrofit initiative that you want the Pinnacle Fitness Community to hear about? We’d love to get your comment here, or chime in on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. See ya around the club!