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Eat This, Not That -Fast Food Edition

School’s back in session and life is back to full speed. Try as we might to stay out of the drive-thrus, we all know what happens. Something pops up, a game runs long, or a meeting drags out. When fast food is inevitable, be sure to make smart choices. We took a look at some of the more popular fast food chains and dug through the nutritional info for you. Here are some helpful “eat this, not that” guides from the Pinnacle team.


Go Grilled and Mind the Condiments

Grilled chicken will always be a smarter choice than fried. Frying adds fat, calories, and carbs. Whenever you have the option, go grilled. Condiments can also pack the calories on really quickly. Ask for these on the side so you have some control.

Don’t Be Misled

Which would you assume would be better for you? “Thin Crust” or “Hand Tossed”? Most of us would assume that the thin crust pizza would have fewer carbs, calories and fat. Don’t make assumptions, do just a little research and you may be surprised.

Go Simple

When they toss on bacon, ranch, swiss, and onion rings, it’s common sense that the calorie counter is going to be sky-high. Look for the simpler items on the menu, they will generally be the better choice.

What Do You Actually Need?

Consider what you actually need to manage your hunger. The meal will certainly fill you up, but just the burger will tide you over. The meal will cause a carb crash, while just the burger is a nice treat before you can get home and make a nutritious, fresh meal.

Follow the Light and Add Veggies

Many menus will offer “light” selections. This light choice will save you a whopping 250 calories. Taco Bell also offers “Fresco Style” which replaces cheese with pico de gallo. Ask what the light or low cal options are and pile on the veggies. Especially at deli-style restaurants, veggies are often free and fresh.

Look for Calorie Counts

We’re not huge fans of McDonald’s, but we do think it’s great that they present the calories for each item right there on the menu. This makes it so easy to make the better choice on the fly. And their Grilled Chicken Southwest Salad ain’t half bad!

What are your fast food go-tos that won’t throw your whole day off? Share your tips and tricks so we can all make healthier choices together. Thanks for visiting the blog, be sure to head back for fresh content on the blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Youtube. See you around the club!