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Crafting a Healthy Work Environment

According to a Pew analysis of Labor Department data, it is estimated that 40% of U.S. employees regularly work more than 50 hours per week, and 20% work more than 60 hours per week. It’s plain to see that we spend a significant amount of our lives at work. If your work environment isn’t optimized to support your healthy lifestyle goals, you could really be sabotaging your chances of success at a happier, healthier way of life. Basically, we want to talk about making work, work for you!


Attend Pinnacle Fitness Club Noon Classes

Did you know that Pinnacle Fitness Club offers 45 minute classes over the traditional lunch break? Yup! At 11:45 each day there are a few different classes to choose from. Skip Applebee’s and opt for a quick, fun spin or strength class. The best part? When you get off of work, you don’t have to worry about fitting in your workout, it’s done! But never skip lunch. Be sure to prepare a quick, high protein meal to enjoy after your workout.


Lead the Charge

There are a lot of ways to stay active throughout the day, you just have to be on the lookout for them. For instance, instead of meeting around the conference table, ask the team if they would be interested in a walking meeting. If your company offers an employee wellness program, get involved with it and encourage others to join. Don’t treat your co-workers to bagels or sweets, go with a fruit salad instead. Even a few minutes every other hour of these types of activities can raise the heartbeat, and get the blood flowing.


Meet Small Daily Goals

It’s been proven that taking breaks while you’re working can increase productivity, engagement, and even creativity. Don’t waste your break standing around, take a walk around the building, stretch in your office, or sink into some of your favorite yoga positions. Commit to taking these types of breaks, drinking 8 glasses of water, and making smart diet choices.


Invest in Your Workspace

Again, you spend a lot of time here. It only makes sense to put a little thought and some small investments into your workspace. Here are a few of our suggestions:


Standing Desk –These can get pretty fancy and pretty pricey, but there are some very simple options that cost little more than $20 or so.

Desk Bike –We love these! You can strap your computer to a stand attached to a stationary bike and get your miles in while you’re working.  

Several Nice Meal Prep Containers –It’s almost impossible to stay on a clean, healthy diet when you’re eating out every day. It’s so much easier and inviting to meal prep when you have the right supplies at your disposal.

A Nice Water Bottle -It’s sounds silly if you haven’t found one you love, but when you do find a favorite water bottle, it makes all the difference. It’s a small investment that can greatly increase your water consumption.

Back Support –Back pain is a serious and nagging issue for many Americans. Whether you’re on your feet all day at work, or you’re in a chair that doesn’t offer the right kind of support, it can be really hard on your back.


Have a Stash of Healthy Options

When you’re starving and that client walks in with a dozen donuts for the office, it’s a lot easier to walk away from that glazed carb crash if you have healthy options waiting for you at your desk. Things like fresh fruit, chopped veggies, deli meats, yogurt, and nuts are easy to prepare and reach for in moments of hunger or weakness.


We hope you’ll head back to work this week and take a look around. What can you do to your workspace to encourage a happier, healthier lifestyle while you’re there? Small adjustments are all you need to increase your chances of making smarter choices on a daily basis. See you at the Club on your lunch break!