As of 5pm on Monday, March 16th, a decision was made to close the club for an undetermined amount of time in response to health & government safety and public health recommendations. For more information, please view our frequently asked questions.

Bring Your Shoes and Your Confidence to Pinnacle Fitness Club

New year, new you, right? It’s that time of year when we get to welcome some new faces. Faces of folks who have made a promise to themselves to start on a healthier, happier path this year. So, this week on the Pinnacle blog, we want to talk about starting and staying on that path.

There is room for you at Pinnacle Fitness Club.

Let’s get something out of the way right now, we LOVE new year’s members. Some gyms might not have the space, number of machines, or available class times to accommodate an influx of members. Good news, we do! We boast:

-13 Treadmills

19 Different Classes

-A 25 Yard-Long Lap Pool

75 Workout Machines

-30,000 Square Feet of Space

At Pinnacle Fitness Club in Downtown Omaha, there’s room for you, there is a machine open for you, and there is a class for you!

You are welcome here.

A shocking number of people don’t go to the gym out of fear of being judged. For instance, a study revealed that 65% of women and 35% of men actually avoid the gym over a fear of being judged. Participants cited reasons like:

-Fear of being judged about clothing

-Not looking fit enough

-Being stereotyped

Take a tour through Pinnacle Fitness Club and you’ll see that is far from the case. We have members from every walk of life and in all different stages of their fitness journey. In the words of Cobain, “Come as you are.”

Let us show you the ropes.

Literally, we have ropes to show you. When you enroll at Pinnacle Fitness Club, you get a tour as well as a personal training session. We do this so you never feel lost at your new fitness club. We want you to know the layout, how the machines work, and get some workout ideas.

When you first start going to the gym, it’s important to have a plan of attack. It can feel embarrassing or intimidating to walk around and kind of “figure out” your workout. Before you come, look up some workouts that match your goals. Or, you can attend a class of interest to you, and then replicate the workout on your own. There are also some great, free or cheap, apps that will guide you through a workout. Whatever you decide, just do a little planning before you come in and it will make a big difference.

Remind yourself why you started.

Why did you join? Why do you continue to come? What good has come from your investment in fitness and health? Keep reminding yourself why you started. Going to the gym regularly can make your body stronger, boost your confidence, improve mental health, and help you make self-care a priority. Keep it up!

Want to know more about Pinnacle Fitness Club? Join us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and check out some of our videos on Youtube. You can also take a tour, or grab some buddy passes at the front desk. Or you can sign up for our newsletter. See you at Pinnacle Fitness Club!