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Beat the Holiday Bulge

Beating the Holiday Bulge

Making healthy choices is hard, plain and simple. Making healthy choices during the holidays is pure torture. If you’re like most of the human population, you’re probably attending holiday party after holiday party which means temptation after temptation. Have no fear, Pinnacle Fitness Club is here! Let us help you beat the holiday bulge with these tips and tricks to stay on track this year!

You’re There for the People not the Food

Pretty self explanatory, this one. Remember the reason you’re attending the party is to see and connect with your friends and family, not just to eat food. Albeit, food is usually the focal part of any party, but it doesn’t have to be yours. Celebrate your personal relationships instead of that giant cheeseball… well, not all of it; everything in moderation, folks. That being said, splurging once in awhile is not a major problem as long as it doesn’t completely derail you from getting back to your healthy lifestyle the next day.

Be the Hostess With the Mostess
Here’s a thought, consider volunteering to host the party this year! What better way to ensure that you’ll stick to your diet plan than by creating a diet-friendly, healthy choice menu. While you’re meticulously crafting said menu, don’t overlook the alcohol portion. We recommend this calorie-friendly Honeycrisp Apple Sangria for your next holiday party. Bonus: you can make a lot at once, just adjust the recipe accordingly! Not a Sangria fan? Worry not, check out these other low-cal cocktails. And remember, drink responsibly 🙂

If you can’t swing throwing the party, bring your own health conscious dish to make sure there will be a healthy choice at the party. Odds are, you’ll be doing other people a favor, too,

Always be Prepared

In effort to reduce the chances that you make impulse food choices at the party, eat light before you go. Opt for protein rich foods like greek yogurt or cottage cheese. A small green salad is also a good choice as the fiber will fill you up. If you can’t do anything in effort to take the edge off your hunger before you arrive, drink a tall glass of water as soon as you get there. While you’re there, choose wisely from the foods available to you. Chances are, there’s an acceptable healthy choice. Grab a small plate and concentrate on those cocktail shrimps, fresh fruits and veggies and go light on the condiments. And no grazing here; fill that tiny plate once and say no more! Remember to eat slowly and mindfully as it takes your body about 20 minutes to realize you are full.

This Food = This Much Exercise

Like we mentioned before, there’s no harm in splurging once in awhile. But if you’re going to do so, we thought you should know what it’s going to take to burn off those oh-so-tasty calories.

  • one can of coke = 55 minutes of walking
  • one serving of Lay’s potato chips (15 chips) = 12 minutes of jumping rope
  • one piece of pepperoni pizza = 30 minutes of bike riding
  • one Hershey’s chocolate bar = one 52 minute run
  • one red velvet cupcake = one 60 minute run

Curious to see what it takes to get rid of some other unhealthy choices, take a look-see.

Whether you’re trying to stay on track or haven’t even gotten started yet, we’re here to help you achieve the fit life you’ve always wanted… and to help you burn off those holiday calories, obviously. And we have many ways to do so! Sign up for your membership today! Already a member? Step outside your comfort zone and into one of our classes or test your limits with a personal trainer. Remember, #maintaindontgain!