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9 Summer Challenges from Pinnacle Fitness Club

Happy summer, everyone! It’s finally officially here and we want to help our club members make the most of it. The crew at Pinnacle Fitness Club got together to share different ways to challenge yourself mentally, physically, or nutritionally this summer. Some are fun, some are challenging, but they’re all geared at crafting a happier, healthier summer.


Try 5 New Classes

Many of our club members have never been to one of our almost 20 classes. But, there really is something for every level of fitness and every interest. We’re proud to be able to offer this wide variety of classes at several convenient times throughout each day. Check out the class schedule here.


Hit Your Water Consumption Goal Every Day

Drinking your 8 glasses of water each day is probably the easiest, most effective, free thing you can do to improve your health effortlessly. The benefits to proper hydration are endless. So, take the easiest challenge you’ll face all summer and hit your water consumption goals daily!


Plan an Active Getaway

Even if it’s just a weekend jaunt, plan a trip aimed at being active. Hiking, biking, water skiing…whatever it is that brings you joy. Create an itinerary around participating in your favorite activities with friends and family this summer.


Switch Up Your Active Mode of Transport for One Trip Each Week

Does the old bike have a thick layer of garage filth on it? Are you worried about what is now residing in those roller blades? Knock the dust off and get to work or happy hour without the car. If you’re not ready for wheels, set out on a run or walk.


Try a New Type of Healthy Cooking or Trend Each Week

A new style of cooking or joining a movement like #meatlessmondays can be a breath of fresh air and open us up to new possibilities and favorites. Try your hand at Thai food, or see if you can make a vegan appetizer your friends won’t know is vegan. Open up your mind and your refrigerator this summer.


Do a 60-Second Plank Every Morning

Not only does this challenge help build your core, it’s a great, quick way to jump start your day. Doing a quick plank every morning also sets the tone for the day. Starting your day with a focus on fitness helps you make better choices all day long.


Begin Every Day with a Positive Affirmation

Positive thoughts lead to positive actions and outcomes. By starting your day with a positive thought about yourself, focusing on a goal, or making a commitment, you’re investing in yourself and building confidence. You could even knock this one out while you do your morning plank!


Use a New Amenity at Pinnacle Each Week

Did you know that Pinnacle Fitness Club boasts over 30K square feet? That’s a whole lot of room, and we use it all with our long list of amenities. We hope you’re getting the most out of your PFC membership by using everything at your disposal. Check out the full list of amenities here.


Set Aside Time at Least Once Per Week to Meditate

Mediation is a great way to clear your mind, destress, and gain some clarity. If you don’t already meditate regularly, this once a week challenge is a great way to give it a try and get in the groove of setting aside time for yourself and your mental health.


Whether you’re taking on one challenge, or all of them, we hope you’ll have a happy, healthy summer. Let us know what your fitness goals or challenges are this summer on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. See you around the club!