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6 Steps to Make Sure Your Workout Doesn’t Get Skipped from the Pinnacle Crew

It’s August, and it’s back to school time. If you’re in school or have school-aged kids, you know you’re about to say a tearful “goodbye” to every ounce of “you” time. Soon you’re about to live on gas station cheese sticks and daydream about what it used to be like to get a full night’s sleep. And workouts? What are those?

Here at Pinnacle, we start to see you coming in less often, looking more stressed, and not enjoying your time here because there’s so much going on inside your brain and outside these walls. We want to help! We’ve come up with some steps to take throughout your everyday routine to make sure you get what you need…your workout!

Dedicate Yourself When You Wake Up
I am going to the gym today. There is a lot of power in affirmation; simply promising or telling yourself something increases the likelihood of it coming to fruition. It doesn’t even have to be the gym (although we’d love to see you), your affirmation can be, “I will find something fun and active to do today.” Say it, believe it, make it happen. Why not try a new fitness affirmation everyday in August?

Plan Your Meals

Food is energy, so when we don’t have it, the last thing we want to do is go expend it. Hunger demotives us, and so does being full. If you don’t have the time for an all out meal prep session on Sunday, maybe premade meals from places like Fuel Fit Kitchen would be a good route. It is also a good idea to keep low calorie, high protein snacks at home, at work and in your bag. Protein bars and nuts keep well in all types of conditions.

Always Have a Gym Bag in the Car

Maybe your calendar is back to back and a workout is out of the question; that’s just how some days look. Meetings get canceled and plans change, now you’ve got a free hour with no gym bag. Always have a backup gym bag in the car. The moment you realize there’s time AND you’re prepared, is a great moment.

If You Can Outsource or Automate, Do It!

There are so many apps, sites, and services that great brands are creating to make our lives easier. You should be taking advantage of them and using that time to invest in you! Ordering groceries online to be delivered straight to your house is a snap and it’s dirt cheap. Stop running to the store for every household supply you’re low on, instead set up Amazon Subscribe and Save orders or their Dash Buttons. Do you know everything you need to know about your bank’s mobile banking features? Time is money, how much can you save?

Two Birds…

Time is precious. Don’t like the idea of giving up time with the dog or the kids to go to the gym? Skip the gym today and go with a high-intensity play session! Not only with you get your calorie burn on, the house will probably get quieter a littler earlier tonight. No time for date night and the gym? Talk your honey into an active date night like a bike ride, a walk around the park, or a community yoga session. It’s good for both of you, and the wine will still be there when you’re done.

A Short Workout is Better than No Workout

This was a really popular one among the crew when we brought up the topic. It’s so important to make staying active a routine, something you do everyday, no matter what. Even if it’s just 15 minutes, it matters, it increases your metabolism, it produces those feel good hormones, and it increases your likelihood of making healthy choices.

Well there you go, we hope this helps! We know this time of year it’s hard to find the time and it’s easy to feel guilty about making it a priority when you’re being pulled in so many different directions. When it gets to be too much, just remember, your health is one of the most important things you can invest in, maybe the most important. We’re proud to offer you a variety of classes throughout the week at varying times to accommodate all types of schedules.

If there is something we can do to help you on your fitness journey, we’d love to hear it! We’re on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.