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Complete Instructions on Avoiding Entering a Food Coma this Thanksgiving

The holidays are here but that does not mean anyone needs to break out the stretchy pants. Consider this your friendly reminder from the folks at Pinnacle Fitness Club that Thanksgiving is about time with friends and family, not about eating like you’re in a state fair competition. These tips will help you enjoy your day while keeping you on track.

Start the Day Off with a Turkey Trot

You will feel so much better about every appetizer, drink, and plate of food you indulge in for the rest of the day if you start off with a good workout. Although Pinnacle Fitness Club will be closed on Thanksgiving so we can spend time with our own friends and family, there are no excuses! In fact, we have a great solution for you and your crew. Tons of towns across the nation have Turkey Trots every Thanksgiving. Register here to participate in Omaha’s Turkey Trot.

Bring Options

There is usually a decent amount of waiting, and snacking, and drinking, and snacking. Set yourself up for success by bringing a healthier appetizer that you can keep coming back to while you wait for the main course. Here are a few suggestions from our trainers:

-Veggie Tray

-Turkey Meatballs

-Shrimp Cocktail

-Deviled Eggs


Drink Up!

….With water. The easiest, most effective thing you can do to stay on track when there is decadent food everywhere you turn, is to constantly be hydrating. Drinking more water suppresses your appetite, helps you refrain from mindless munching, and helps with digestion.

Make it About Family Instead of Food…But Obviously, Enjoy the Food

Don’t get us wrong, we doubt there is one trainer at Pinnacle who doesn’t enjoy their Thanksgiving Day feast. That being said, let’s not make this an all-day binge. This day isn’t about seeing how much we can eat or how uncomfortable we can ultimately feel in regular pants. You’ll feel a whole lot better at the end of the day if you focus on relaxing, having fun, enjoying conversations, lending a hand in the kitchen, and indulging in a more thoughtful way.

Slow It Down

We all know the feeling when you get when that plate in front of you is full of all of the most delicious dishes you wait for all year long. You want to dive in, but savoring each bite is far better for you. You know when you feed a dog a great, juicy piece of steak and they eat it so fast you doubt they even got to taste how wonderful it is? So, we don’t want to compare you to a dog or anything, but you get it right? Slowing down won’t only help you enjoy the meal and appreciate it more, it will actually spare you some calories. In one study, fast eaters consumed around three ounces of food per minute, while slowpokes only ate about two ounces. Over the course of a meal, that can add up.

Get Off the Couch

Slowly sliding into a food coma is so very tempting, but it’s also so very unhealthy. Burn some calories, help your food digest, and build healthier habits with your crew by getting up and moving around. Bring the football to throw around, invite everyone out for a walk, or bundle up and play a yard game. Whatever you do, just get up and get moving, you’ll feel so much better physically and mentally.

For more great fitness and healthy living advice, check out the Pinnacle Fitness Club blog, sign up for our newsletter, or follow us on Instagram. Remember, we’re closed on Thanksgiving Day but open on Black Friday from 6am-5pm. Check out our other holidays hours here and have a healthy, happy, delicious Thanksgiving Day!