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5 Ways to Make Dad Happy

Father’s Day is coming up! Sure, a gift is in order, but what about all of the other ways you can make him happy? All the late nights, long shifts, and runny noses he dealt with mean you kinda owe him. So go ahead and get the gift, but try doing something that will strengthen your relationship and keep him feeling young.

Get Him to Try New Things

We all get stuck in our ways; we get comfortable. Encourage your dad to try new things, whether it’s a new food, new event, or new activity. Trying new things makes us muster up courage, get excited, and potentially brings something new into our lives. Help dad fend off boredom and continue to grow by challenging him with something new.

Check in on His Health

Did you know that men are less likely to see their doctors on a regular basis? Putting off important health tests and screens could result in some serious repercussions. Be sure your dad is making appointments for vital health tests and screenings for his age group.

It’s also a good idea to make sure he’s maintaining a healthy diet. Does he know what foods will help keep his cholesterol in check? Be sure to talk about these things and check in.

Keep Him Active

Aside from keeping him healthy, keeping him active will literally make him happier! When you work out, your body releases endorphins that trigger a positive feeling in the mind and body. Keeping your old man active will also give you both more opportunities to hang out together. You can schedule a standing gym date, go for a bike ride, or just take a walk to grab a beer.

Spend Quality Time With Him

Did you know that simply by spending time with your folks, you can help them live longer? That’s right, you can have your dad around longer just by being there more often, calling to see how his day was, and sitting down to dinner with him.

Take Care of Yourself

We saved the best for last. The most impactful thing you can do for your father’s well-being is to be happy and healthy yourself. A child’s health and happiness are the most important things to any good dad. Be sure he knows what choices you make for yourself that keep you happy and healthy, and encourage him to do the same.

Have a great Father’s Day, everyone! Remember that on Friday you can bring a friend into the gym for free. Bring dad in for a class, some cardio, or hit the weights together.