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5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Gym in Omaha

You have likely found out the hard way that gyms and fitness clubs in omaha are not made equal. The quality of a gym can vary greatly. Two gyms with the exact same machines, treadmills and weight sets can be drastically different based on a myriad of factors. Taking just a little more time and consideration before committing to a gym can make a world of difference in your satisfaction and the commitment to your health and fitness journey.

We believe the following to be essential categories to consider when choosing your Omaha fitness club.


There are many bargain gyms that stay open late and open their doors extra early. For some, these early and late hours are essential, but you should consider what you may be giving up in return for those hours. We’re talking space, number of members, cleanliness and offerings. It costs more to maintain a facility that stays open 24/7, so corners tend to get cut to compensate.

The point is, don’t choose a gym based solely on the fact that they offer extended hours. Extended hours are nice, but consider what you might be giving up to have those hours, especially if they aren’t a necessity for your schedule.


Here in Omaha, we tell it like it is, right? What better source for real information than reviews and testimonials from customers and clients? You can learn about almost everything via their website or social media, but you can’t find out about the gym’s community or customer service.

When you first visit a gym, it’s very easy to get fooled by a warm welcome and a fleeting smile. It’s important to know how the trainers and staff treat their members after the contract is signed. Google+, Facebook, and Yelp are all great resources to find recent reviews for gyms and fitness centers in Omaha.


Trust us, you want options. Today, you may think that a set of weights and plenty of treadmills are all you really need. Well, honestly you can get those anywhere. What you can’t get just anywhere is variety for when your fitness path changes. Maybe you’re injured and water workouts are what you need this month. Perhaps you’re getting bored of your Zumba class and want to try this new barre workout that everyone is talking about. Maybe you’re getting discouraged because of a weight loss plateau –switching things up is vital. When you settle for a bare bones gym, you’re really giving up a lot of options that could help you immensely with your path to fitness.


Always take a tour of the facility before you commit. Sure, they have 20 treadmills, did they happen to mention 10 of them are under repair? Square footage can sound impressive, until you get there and realize there is barely room to breath, especially just after 5pm. Be sure to call ahead and request a tour for the hours you are most likely to use the facility. That way you can see how crowded it is during your ideal workout hours. Speaking of tours, did you know if you sign up with Pinnacle Fitness Club the same day you take a tour, you will receive a discount. Tours pay off!


We saved the most important for last. Here in Omaha, we really cherish our communities. If you’ve never been part of an uplifting, encouraging fitness community, you’re really missing out. Choose a gym that encourages community and support. You’ll be amazed what a difference it can make when you feel like you’re part of something bigger than yourself, bigger than today’s workout; that’s what a fitness community is.