Making Time for Healthy Eating and Fitness

It’s a hectic time of year. It’s back to school season, football will soon take over our lives and is it just us, or does every person you’ve ever met have a birthday coming up? It can be hard to stay on track with both your healthy eating and drinking habits as well as your exercise routine. It takes time and dedication to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle, if it didn’t, everyone would do it, right? Here are some tips to help keep you on the fit and narrow when life gets crazy.

Meal Prep

Preparing your healthy meals for the week ahead of time doesn’t just help cut calories, it can also help save money. When you’re smarter about your meals, you’re never left hangry and making bad decisions with fast food that can cost three times what your healthy homemade meal might cost. Additionally, prepping your week’s meals at once saves time. So far you’re making healthier choices, saving money, and time…this one is a no-brainer.

Be Prepared

You don’t ever truly know how your day is going to go. A meeting could get canceled or your spouse could offer to pick up the kids; crazier things have happened, right? Have some workout clothes ready, healthy snacks on hand, and an extra pair of earbuds will come in handy more than once. Be ready to take advantage of empty time. Be ready to get stuck in the car. The idea is to just set yourself up for success, no matter what life tosses at you.

Choose Being Active

We run into these choices everyday. Do you get home and plop down to binge the latest Netflix series, or do you watch it from the treadmill at the gym. Do you take the dog for a walk, or just throw the ball across the living room? Do you hit happy hour with friends or suggest a bike ride instead? We know it can be hard when your energy is low and the couch beckons, but you’ll feel so much better when you choose to be active. And be sure to take advantage of those little moments during the day you can be active, like at work…

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Optimize Your Workplace

There are so many chances during your workday to get up and moving, you just have to look for them and optimize your workspace to take advantage of them. A standing desk is a great way to take strain off of your back and neck, and you can find them for as little as $40. Exercise balls are also a great way to sneak in some mild core time and work on your posture. You can take it a step further and get a cycle desk. They aren’t terribly expensive and they’re great for fending off that midday tire. You can also suggest walking meetings instead of donuts around the conference table. Staying active throughout your workday isn’t just great for your health, it has been known to increase well-being, creativity, and reduce stress.

Don’t let this busy season sack you, stay on the defense of your fit and healthy lifestyle. And remember, you aren’t much use to those around you if you aren’t taking care of yourself. Now get out there and make people jealous of your super balanced life!