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22 Calorie Burning Options in Daily Tasks

With the school year starting, we’re all a little pressed for time. But that’s no excuse to let all of your hard work come undone. We know exactly how precious your time is to you. We also know how important it is to form healthy habits. Optimize each minute of your day with these easy, effective ways to sneak a little calorie burn into your daily tasks, from the staff at Pinnacle Fitness Club in Downtown Omaha.

  1. Stretch while you’re brushing your teeth and drying your hair.
  2. If it’s an option, bike to work.
  3. Park in the farthest parking stall from your destination.
  4. Skip the elevator and take the stairs.
  5. Use a stand-up desk or an exercise ball at your desk.
  6. Invest in an under the desk pedal machine. (Usually around $20-25)
  7. For lunch, shakes, protein bars, and chopped veggies can all be easily enjoyed on a quick stroll. Or join us for a quick class at Pinnacle!
  8. Take a few 10 minute breaks throughout the day to walk while you check email, dictate notes, or watch webinars.
  9. Suggest walking meetings for the whole team.
  10. If you’re on a long phone call, do some stretches or squats.
  11. Need to run some errands? Consider walking or biking instead of using the car.
  12. Watching TV? Do some crunches, lunges or practice your yoga poses.
  13. Keep your yoga mat and some weights by the TV and/or home desk.
  14. Throw in some dance moves while doing the household chores. Great music helps too! Learn some new moves during Zumba Class at Pinnacle.
  15. The minutes add up! Don’t sit and wait in the school pick up line. Get out of your car and walk around, pick up trash, or tidy up the car.
  16. While you’re cooking, do some push ups on the counter, or lunges while you’re waiting on the boil or the saute.
  17. Don’t just tell the kids to, “Go outside and play” after dinner. Get out there!
  18. At a kid’s soccer game or the dog park? Walk around the perimeter.
  19. Wear ankle weights while you’re doing your daily running around.
  20. Ditch the dinner date and do something fun and active like a bike ride through a pretty trail, walking to a picnic destination, or yoga in the park.
  21. Pep up family game night with more active options like Wii Fit, kickball, or spoons.
  22. Lose the guilt and the fat by taking the dog for a walk.

At Pinnacle Fitness Club, we’re all about a holistic approach to health and fitness. We try to help every member take the gym with them, take the motivation to work, and take the energy home. Want more tips like these? Talk to one of Pinnacle’s personal trainers about the small, but effective changes you can make in your life, starting now!