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20 Little Ways to Stay Motivated in 2020: Part 2

Diet, exercise, and weight loss wind up on the top of New Year’s resolutions lists year after year. We’re all for healthy lifestyle goals and we want to help keep you motivated throughout 2020! Here is the second half of our trainers’ favorite small, yet most effective ways to stay motivated.  


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Focus On the Little Wins

Maybe “little” isn’t the right word, because there’s nothing little about having more energy, more focus, and a better overall sense of wellbeing. 


Be Prepared for the Gym

How many times have you skipped the gym because you forgot your shoes or earbuds, or there’s not enough time today? Set yourself up for success by always being prepared. Keep a spare gym bag in your car so you always have a backup of anything you might need. 


Write Down Your “Why”

Maybe you can’t keep up with your kids, you’re trying to lose weight, or gain muscle. It’s important to define your “why” and look back at it often. 


Try a New Group X Class at Pinnacle

We have tons! If you don’t switch up your routine, your body can get a little too comfortable carrying out the same old workout day after day and so can your mind. Switch it up and check out the Pinnacle class schedule here


Incorporate Nature Into Your Wellness Journey

We’ve been lucky to have such a mild winter so far (knock on wood)! We hope you’re getting out there and taking advantage of it. Simply spending time outdoors can have multiple positive effects on your wellbeing. 


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Try a New Playlist

Switching up your music is a fun and simple way to put a little more pep in your workout. 


Enlist a Friend

Invite a friend to join you for Free Friend Fridays at Pinnacle or simply to go for a hike around your favorite park. Bringing a friend makes the time fly and incorporates a healthy element in your friendship. You can also help keep one another accountable.


Spend Time in Areas of Pinnacle that You’ve Never Visited

Break out of cardio and weight lifting and discover the rest of your fitness center. Take a dip in the pool, relax in the hot tub, or have a go around the indoor track. Switching up your routine on a regular basis can be a big motivator and help you expand your workout routine go-tos. 


Love Yourself as You Are Now

We saved the most important for last. Positive self-image and self-acceptance can be powerful assets in a happy, balanced life. High self-esteem can free us from self-sabotage, crippling doubt, and general negativity that can lead to physical and mental health issues.


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There you have it! Our favorite little motivators that will help keep you on track through 2020 and help you hit your fitness goals. If you think you need a little more accountability and guidance, we would love to talk with you about personal training sessions and deals. Have a happy, healthy 2020.