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20 Little Ways to Stay Motivated in 2020: Part 1

Diet, exercise, and weight loss wind up on the top of New Year’s resolutions lists year after year. We’re all for healthy lifestyle goals and we want to help keep you motivated throughout 2020! Here’s a list of our trainers’ favorite small, yet most effective ways to stay motivated. 


The list got so long that we made this one a two-parter, so be sure to catch the next part on the blog on January 23rd. And stay strong!


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Try a New Food, Spice, or Recipe

Chicken, veggies, and rice on repeat can get real old, real fast. Be sure to explore new flavors and cooking techniques to keep things tasty.


Practice Morning Affirmations

Some people say their morning affirmations during the first snooze, you can write them on your mirror, or meditate on them during your commute. Starting your day with positivity can make a huge impact on your attitude and energy. 


Treat Yourself with a Massage

When you hit a milestone or goal, treat yourself with something that contributes to your health and wellness track. Using carbs and sweets as motivation can be a slippery slope. 


Prepare for Snack Attacks

Stock your car, office, and gym bag with packs of nuts, a piece of fruit, or jerky. Being prepared for snack attacks or missed mealtimes can keep you on track. A quick binge can send your motivation plummeting. Trust us, it’s never worth it. 


Buy New Workout Clothes

New workout clothes are a fun motivator when you hit a goal and treat yourself, but they can also be a necessity. If you’re constantly tugging on, or readjusting your workout clothes, then those clothes are acting as a demotivator. Feel great, be comfortable. 


Prep Your Meals

Meal prepping can be so satisfying. You’ve set yourself up for success, saved time, and left no room for poor eating excuses. 


Bring Your “Skinny Jeans” Out

Do you have some old jeans that don’t exactly fit like they used to…or at all? Pull them out and keep them someplace you’ll see every morning. There is nothing like slipping those jeans back on someday. 


Share Your Journey With Friends and Family

Sharing your fitness journey with friends and family gives you a cheering section. When people you love and trust know about your fitness goals, they can join in, motivate you, or simply ask how it’s going. 


Use Apps to Help You Track Your Success

We recommend MyFitnessPal for tracking weight and macros. These types of apps take all the guesswork out of tracking.


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Remind Yourself that Change Takes Time

There will inevitably come a time when you hit a plateau or things just aren’t moving along at the pace you want. When this happens, remember that change takes time, work, and dedication. 


Tune back in, January 23rd for the next half of 20 Little Ways to Stay Motivated in 2020.