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10 Ways to Burn Calories That You’ll Love Summer Edition

Summer isn’t officially here yet, but it does kind of feel like we skipped spring and went straight into summer. And we’re not complaining! Although we love being able to offer one of the best fitness facilities in downtown Omaha, we also love encouraging our members to get out into nature, try new things, and get friends and family involved in making healthy lifestyle choices. Here are our favorite ways to burn calories with summer fun! 


Bike Riding

You don’t have to have an expensive bike to go for a ride. In fact, you don’t have to have one at all. We have 35 Heartland Bcycle stations all around town where you can rent bikes. Head to their site to download the app and find a station near you.



If you haven’t tried it already, you have to give paddleboarding a go this summer. It’s such a fun way to strengthen your core and get a great full body workout while staying cool. And if your doggo is a good swimmer, they should tag along! You can rent and use paddleboards at Glenn Cunningham Lake from Neighborhood Offshore Outfitter.



Kayaking is another relaxing way to explore our local lakes while burning some calories. Don’t forget the sunscreen!



Call a buddy, get a playlist together, and get on the trail! Hiking is an excellent way to dive into nature and burn some calories. Spending time in nature has been known to reduce stress, and is in general, thought to increase our sense of wellbeing.


Taking the Dog for a Walk or Playtime

Why not work on improving your health with your best bud? A walk is good for both of you but even a game of fetch gets your blood pumping and increases the heart rate.



If you’re a Pinnacle Fitness Club member, you have access to the largest and nicest indoor pool in downtown Omaha. Get some laps in or join one of our Aqua Fit classes for a high intensity, low impact workout.



Music is a fantastic tool to energize any workout. Whether you’re going out to get your groove on, or having a one-man dance party in your living room, dancing is a fun, effective way to burn calories, break a sweat, and get those endorphins going.


Frisbee or Catch

Shoot out a group text and see who wants to meet up at the local park for a game of catch. It’s a cheap, healthy way to connect with friends. And if you really get into it, you could earn a few at happy hour afterwards.



It can be tough to get everyone reeled into a game, so we love the idea of joining a volleyball league. The accountability factor really helps keep everyone engaged.


Badmitten or Other Lawn Games

A little competition always makes you work just that much harder. Lawn games certainly won’t give you an intense workout, but a calorie burned is a calorie burned. Anytime you choose to be active over being sedentary, you’ve made a good choice!


We hope you’ll keep this list in mind throughout the summer! We love the idea of making nature, music, and friends part of your summer healthy living routine. And if bugs and heat aren’t really your thing, the club is cool, open, and bug-free. See you at the club!