10 Ways to Make Fitness More Fun

There are some folks out there who simply love fitness. They love everything about it, they like heading to the gym, they like feeling the burn, they love working up a sweat. Unfortunately, not all of us are as excited about it. For those of us who are less than thrilled about fitness, here are some tips to keep fitness fun.

Update Your Playlist

Nothing can get you pumped like a good station or playlist. Remember to update your favorite playlist or have some new stations lined up to keep you in the spirit of fitness. It’s also fun to create playlists based on the workout. “Dance Workout” is a really popular Spotify playlist.

Get New Gear

Let’s be real, everything is a little more fun when you’re feelin’ fly. Whether it’s new gear to make you feel better about yourself or it’s actual performance gear, you’ll have a little extra swagger when you walk into the gym. You are also more likely to get a workout in on the fly if you have gym wear that you actually like and can wear throughout the day.

Workout with a Friend

Some friends motivate and challenge us, while some friends might make the workout fly by because we’re laughing so hard. Whatever you need in a workout buddy, invite that friend that you know will bring it.

Try Group Fitness

There are so many different workout experiences you can take advantage of in a class setting. Some people assume Zumba or yoga are the only group fitness options. You can learn how to lift weights, attack a high intensity workout, or challenge your body in a barre class.

Plan an Active Getaway

There is nothing wrong with drinks on the beach, but what about adding some paddle boarding, a bike ride, or a jog in the sand? There is plenty of time to mix fitness and relaxation, and the relaxation will be all the better.

Find Opportunities

A big challenge in maintaining a fun, active lifestyle is time management. Learn to look for opportunities to sneak in some fun activity. Ask your co-workers if they would be game for a walking meeting instead of donuts around the boardroom table. You’ll burn some calories and have a more energized discussion. Look for opportunities like this throughout the day.

Get the Family Involved

There are countless ways to get the family involved in fun fitness. How about packing a healthy picnic and walking together to your dining destination. Or going for a bike ride to catch a movie in the park or jazz on the green. You could also just get out and toss the ball around the yard. Oh, and the dog will always appreciate a walk.

Set Goals and Plan Rewards

Motivation is different for everyone, so figure out what motivates you and how often you need those motivators. A larger goal might deserve a vacation, but you can set smaller goals and reward yourself with an outing with friends, some new clothes, or even a big old cheat meal.

Plan Active Group Outings

“Going out” is the downfall to so many fitness plans. It’s hard to stay on track when the beer is flowing and the wings are smelling fine. You don’t have to completely change your group outing dynamic, wings and beer are still a-okay, but how about after a volleyball game, group fitness class or community bike ride?